Philadelphia Experiment


Chrono Cadet
So this an experiment that done for military (U.S. Navy) in 1943. They used USS Eldridge for the experiment. The story originated in late 1955 when Carl M. Allen sent a book full of hand written annotations referring to the experiment to a U.S. Navy organization. You can read the process about that, I will keep it short. The experiment was based on Einstein's Unified Field Theory. The theory is simply based on the principle of attraction between objects and electromagnetism. It says it was an invisibility experiment. The application of the Unified Field Theory to the experiment was thought to be "to provide optical invisibility by creating a very strong electromagnetic field by refracting or bending the light (and radar signals) on the ship". In this way, refracted rays and radio waves would envelop the ship, resulting in the ship being invisible to enemy observers. But the things get weird here, the goal was invisibility, but the navy allegedly teleported matter, albeit by chance, in this experiment. That means in the experiment optical invisibility turns into matter transmission. Several crew members are said to have been injured, insane, or dead. I am not among those who do not believe in this event. But it sounds so weird to it was by chance. Do you think there could be something different behind this event turning into teleportation? Maybe they pushed the limits. And if matter transmission is possible, what else we can do with it? Write your opinion about this.
The Philadelphia Experiment is a great story - Whether they were trying for invisibility or not, the tales of the aftermath remain. To me, it sounds like they created an unintentional phasing... But I guess "phasing to where" is the real question. It also sounds to me like they weren't prepared for how powerful electromagnetic force can be.

If we had the ability to teleport matter, I would see it as basically becoming Star Trek. Going anywhere in the world would literally be as easy as opening a door. No more would anyone have to worry about getting from point A to point B, everything could just be there for you when you want it through teleportation - All the food, entertainment, etc. that one could ever need or imagine.