Physical and Astral Time-Travel!


Temporal Novice
How to build a device for travelling back and forth in time...

Building a time machine is only a matter of finding a wormhole and separating the positions of the mouths so that there are in different places and times.

1, Somehow find a wormhole. John Wheeler said tiny wormholes exist everywhere. A spining star could produce a spining blackhole containing a wormhole. This is probably the most difficult task.The wormhole can be very small to begin with i.e. with mouths very close to each other.

2, Where one of the mouths is slow down time. Time can be slowed down by velocity or gravitation. Take this mouth on a trip moving at a high speed.

3,Leave the other wormhole mouth alone. Make sure it's not in a region of intense gravity or in much motion.

4,After a ten year long wait on earth maybe two years have passed for the moving mouth since time is relative.

5,Bring the other mouth back here.

The wormhole is now a time machine. FROM now ten years after you started you can go back to your starting time. Imagine if you started task 2 in 2002, people then could jump forward to 2012. FROM 2012 you could go backwards to 2002.

There are many other ways a time machine could be build. For example rapidly moving cylinders of matter or tachyons...

1, Kurk Godel claimed that time-travel was possible throughtout our universe(Godel universe). His idea is based on assuming our universe is spinning(which we almost know is wrong). Curved space-time meets up with itself and therefore four dimentional space-time is a sphere. By travelling away a great enough distance and by coming back we could reach any point in space-time.

2, Roy Kerr's work on black holes lead to a theoretical time machine. Roy noticed a black hole was likely to be spining. A spining black hole might contain a wormhole that is linked to another point in space-time.

3, Considering the possibility that a black hole might lead to a white hole, this portal might make it possible for us to reach another point in time and space.

4, Frank Tipler discovered another time-travel solution to Einstein's general theory of relativity. Using an infinitely long very rapidly rotating cylinder space-time could become so warped we might be able to travel to the past or future. But we would have to work out a way to make the cylinder infinite in lenght.

5, A macroscopic wormhole might be pulled out of quantum foam with already existing microscopic wormholes. This portal in time and space if the mouths are large enough might take someone to the past or future. Macroscopic wormholes might also have been formed in the big bang and the regions of black holes.

6, Richard Cott worked out that cosmic stings could make time-travel a reality. Their rare gravitational properties greatly distort time and space. They might have formed in the early universe.

7, Tachyons-sub-atomic particles that constantly exceed light speed and therefore are always going back in time! If discovered, if they even really exist might provide means of contacting the past!


People have also reported being able to travel astrally in time. This simply means they were able to move their astral body(another body you are believed to have almost constantly attached to your physical body) freely in space and also even time!

This happened to Ed Morrel during an Out of the Body Experience as he left his body and travelled INTO the future when he saw the woman he was later to meet and marry.

Method to induce an Out of the Body Experience.

OBJECTIVE:Lossen your astral body (your spirit) FROM your physical body.

To prepare for the O.B.E. attempt:

*You should not eat anything for the previous three hours.

*You should not eat heavy foods.

*You should only eat light foods.

1, Relax both your whole body and mind and lie back in bed. Tense and relax each muscle in your body.

2, Take deep slow breaths through your nose.

3, Close your eyes and let go of any pressure.

4, Imagine vividly you are inside a lift moving upwards.

5, Picture your astral body is rising and tell yourself that you will wake up fully out of your body.
6, As you relax to the point you are falling asleep try to remain focused on the idea you are going up in a lift.

This method does seem to work on others and it should work for you. Although it does take a lot of work, vivid thinking and concentration it actually works.

· Practice is very effective compared with other preparations.

Paul Curran