Pics and media related to Time Travel


May 1, 2022
416206a-f3.2.jpg capacitive-based-gravity-sensor.png
John Titor mentioned Atomic Clocks (pictured above) ^ And linked to this gravity sensor at some point.
Both components supposedly necessary for the Time displacement device Titor used.

^Pic which reminds me of Madman Marcum for some reason.

f812d0eeac56.jpg 1212682630yciuiP.jpg
Apparently there's an Anderson Institute which has a lot of
interesting material you may be interested in...

longexposure_34.jpg longexposure_56.jpg longexposure_23.jpg
These images instill a certain vibe or feel, that kinda atmosphere of mystery and wonder, there are many ways we perceive the passage of time..

michael-wesely-MoMa-01.jpg michael-wesely-moma-02.jpg
Extremely long exposure photos show ghostly new buildings with low exposure and the sun's streaks.

Here's some music;

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