"The future ain't what it used to be."

Piece of Roswell wreckage possibly available!


(Piece of Roswell wreckage removed before area was secured)

A few days ago, I talked to a gentleman from Roswell, New Mexico. This person claims to know a person that actually secured a piece (or more) from the Roswell wreckage. I am trying to be very careful but the person that I had talked to works at a museum. From talking to this man, I did find out some good news. Appearently, somebody was smart enough to hide some of the wreckage before the area was secured by the Air force. This man appearently has (legit) contact information, names and address. From what I understand he is also a private investigator.
On a separate note, I did a little of my own investigative work. Appearently I need to come up with about 600 million dollars before anyone will even discuss the matter any further. Unfortunatly, at this time, I can hardly keep up with my mininum payments on all of my credit cards.
If anybody is interested in persueing the matter further you may Email me at:[email protected]
However, if you require contact information that will cost you. Just keep that in mind.
ive been researching the roswel crash for quite sometime. I just thought you should KNow that you made that guys identity kinda obvious. I would be more careful with that kind of information.
The man of steel and a hardy high ho..........

And it was said this day at http://www.coasttocoastam.com/ that super humans, perfect in every way however one, would exist in the future, but at whose cost?>>

What was not understood in 1975 was supermasive object physics, as this phenomenon had related to anthropodial humanic structures, of the latter nineteenth century.

Sure everyone knew of the Superman comics series, however not how the real Superman had worked, nor how he was put together.

The early Liebsborn experiments held in Germany, did indeed succeed in making almost perfect humans, however they did not posses the avarice of emotion, sentiment and caring.

In the real Smallville again a real Clarke Kent did save his father by lifting a six ton loaded truck, from crushing his fragile father physique.

Clarke could afford to show this expense to his immediate family, as there were no secrets to be held, so why the secrecy?

On black hole physics phenomenon, it was known that at supermass values, the proton becomes elongated and begins to adopt differing absorption properties.

This allows supemass values, in residence within bioform.

>As Jorell lay his beloved son into the teaching chrysalis, the thoughts of a new world, where lighter mass, could possibly avail him Kaleeal as a god, did at the time near stellar prolapsed, began to bother him.

The writings were everything about Earth one could want to know.

This was the good, the bad and the ugly, however a young Kaleel would learn within the loving arms of a differing environment, to push some of these difficulties aside.

>The day Lois Lane made her harried approach to the top of the Pan AM Building, there was little thought of what would happen when the Helicopter skid caught a power cable.The Bell would shatter its blades into thousands of pieces, so perching her ride on the side of this building.

The ship did lay there and Lois began to scream, as her placid grip began to loose so sending her to her potential doom.

Clarke sense this rapidly and in a motion almost faster than the eye could detect, changed into the clowney costume that mother had finally constructed out of fluid polymer Kevlar.

The man perched on the back-seat of the Caddy accompanied with his employees, was taken a'back by the tremendous flowing red cape.

This was immediate threat to the (Chantaleer), as Clarke so kindly called them, but pimp would do nicely within other circles.

Clarke thought to himself, negative mass, in bloace C and began to rise towards the bottom of the falling Bell, as he at hyper=seconds, had calculated how much cushion gravimetric mass, it would take to safy stop the decent of the helicopter.

The pimp shouted at Clarke as he began to size up his duty, "Saay Jim that's a bad mother....and the pimp's comment trailed off, as Kent was already homing in on his target, with a frightening speed.

>The news services caught all.

They caught Superman returning the copter to the top of the building.

They also caught Superman comforting Lois Lane, with as it seemed, an almost romantic attachment, as he returned her safely to the some building, as the Bell.

What was never understood, was that these events were very natural with a being who posses not only a humility that was more than welcome on Planet Earth. At this time, however an intellect of the most powerful computer ever visualized, due to the construction of his supermasive bod dies ability to disgust and process fifty time the store capability of any human form ever living.

Clarke loved Smallville and the people like them in this world.

The truly evil, he never understood, as to him, being a hidden god among men, saw their input in unworthy projects resulting in pain and discomfort for others.This seen as an entirely nonproficent waste of energy and creative potential.

Mi Sung would say at the close of the Twentieth century, that certain values of kinship, should never be thwarted by supernumarary intervention into the hopeless and nonunderstood.

Qui Chee ten years later, still could not have possibly placed the words, better.

What Kent did in his time here as a superbeing, was sufficient for him to do as this is how any being with superdensity powers would have acted, if they had followed the galactic presentments?

One is all, but within this one, there must be love, as this flow with all the technology avaible, will never bloom.Qui Chee, the new tenements of Rome, 2098.

And dual suns still do burn at protonic mass this day: