"Plasmas" The 4rth State of Matter...


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\"Plasmas\" The 4rth State of Matter...

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"Plasmas" The 4rth State of Matter.

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RE: \"Plasmas\" The 4rth State of Matter...

I was intrested in ionized plasma, some years back as a propulsion system.

However if you loose magnetic continment, even for a second, you can do alot of damage to your machine.

The Tocomack as well as other TFR plasma contiment systems, are way too big, in order to be used for a portable sort of power.

There should be a section within the TFR, which is a hardened thermocouple take-up section, which converts the plasma dount, into electrical energy.

They have a water bathed set-upfor plasma, which is supposed to have some sort of return?

However the trick is, to make a small lightweight TFR system, which is no more that one hundred to eighty poiunds, which will produce power in the kilowatt range.

The crux of economey, is to derive a system, which can obtain power from a series ofsolar cells, then pump this power to a solid state cap and storrage smoothing unit, then to a regulator, stepit up or down and then bleed some power back to the batteries.

Out of this derived from enviroment power, there should aways be enpough to either start up the TFR array, or break even, so that the active concept breaks even.

I don't feel that one has to have worlds of unweildy power, in order to break even in TFR confinement.

This may be some sort of bull, that the powers that be are spinning?

To calirify, how much do you get out of a bank of solar cells?

Can you bump this current up and exite it enough to power your TFR plasma containment for a few seconds, off and on?

If you can dothat, can you take the energy up which is para to the ionized plasma donut, or certain array confinement?

If you can do that, then what is your power output and is your power outout, enough to establish a self contined break-even point, to where the whole system breaks even?

The system that I had designed, was a proposed demonstraitor, which would have beebn use as a high speed space probe.

This demonstratorwould have been capable of three quarters ofthe speed of light and ment for Pluto and back.

So this system would have had to sustain a TRF state, for quite some time.
RE: \"Plasmas\" The 4rth State of Matter...

Info from TFR confinement and physics material on both Tockamac and Nova.

I'm a bit of a physics prodigey.

Public disclosure, standard request.
RE: \"Plasmas\" The 4rth State of Matter...

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