"The future ain't what it used to be."

Platent X and time travel


Please note on passing of Planet X in periferon past the sun, at http://emfx13.proboards17.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&num=1054505582&start=285

the fourth entry post down, showing the Solar Orbiting Helios Observatory, as said shown in probability.

Please note that for this week, I was exposed outside working.

I had noted while the temperatures had ranged in the one hundred five to ten degree range, that frequency of solar radiation, not only heat and brightness, had changed.

These may have been due to the fact that said Planet X is a failed protostar, that had never reached the point of ignition, necessary in order to make a star.

However the core may be semi-active and posses radiation characters, so when PX had passed the sun briefly, there was an immense solar flair, that had gone off the scale of anything ever recorded before.

I feel as a well studies individual in offworld technologies, that the link between the sun and Earth was intervening upon.

Know that Earthbased mans DNA control replication patterns are housed within the sun, as said by Marciniack in her, Earth The Pleiadean Keys book.

So therefore because this link was disturbed by the presence of this failed brown dwarf, an immense output of solar radiation had occurred, which inturn had upped frequency of solar radiation character.

This phenomenon had increase operational frequency to a high vibratory resonance, to where our single sun, had functioned with increased angstrom length strength and frequency.

I have been applying both copious amounts of vitamin E, as well as Vaseline petroleum jelly, along with lotions and sun block, after the days work.I would wait about fifteen minutes, then towel this mixture off.

I feel for now amplitude of frequency has dropped slightly, however be especially careful when having to work in the sun, due to the presence of the second solar body, which in some way has effected the character of radiation put out by the sun?

The proof work for a type of intelligence within the sun, was brought forward by a Major Edward Dames as well as the Navaho Spirit Walkers, in these mutual groups experiments, which gave them abilities to go very near the sun.

The chief medicine man elder of the Navahos has said do not go past a certain distance when observing the sun, too near, due to the chance of the sun eating your soul and taking it back.

The Dames R.V. group was stooped in their attempt, as said on Art Bell past archival show, in getting to near the sun, by ethereal agencies.

So it stands to reason that there is a symbiotic relationship between Earthbased man in his charticer and the central sun, in how each reference to one another?

Special note to time travelers:On the week of this SOHO reporting, that somehow made it past the barrier of the government, I'm not sure of frequency vibrational resonance, in getting into the time period of the reporting of solar ray frequency increase?

I would say both exercise caution and account for this change in frequency..?
Re: Planet X solar into and effects from:

What I do not know on the appearance of Planet X?

As said in I do not know what the effects of passing of Planet X so close to the sun, so causing a rise in frequency?

As I had said there was an apparent raise in frequency of sun's radiation, at a certain rate.
Then, for the time being, this is certainly not an open issue and discussion of alteration of solar psychics is not of prime important, in the face of those in control maintain a cool facade.

For the cursorary I have found that any source, such as a radioactive source, when exposed to character of radiation, will so cause some effect on the isotope, due to X charticter of the radiation.

What is not clarent here is at what strength the nature of radiation from the sun, as it had passed over Planet X?

This was then within an apparent burst pattern would have cause any such supposed effect, to any living matter; so placed here on Earth, or other quarters of the immediate solar system via these supposed and superimposed natures.

What I had found working through this increase in radiation, in an area where supposedly at the time, the HARP Project blew of a big chunk of Earth's atmosphere.is that the noted blue frequency was more readily apparent.Source http://www.coasttocoastam.com/ sub-links HARP progress, HARP Earth atmosphere cause ejecta:

I had sensed a change in perception to the point to where I was in a mental funk, as a result of prolonged exposure to this radiation.

I found if I had copiously applied both sun-block and vitamin E, along with petroleum jelly. That this application did have a protecting effect, along with the wearing of white cloths for reflecting capablites.

In my perceptions, I had noted the events seemed to change, however my regognition of events was still the same, however adjusted to this new frequency.

The time period for this occurrence was approximately one week's time.

I had noted an audable howl within my mind of sorts, which I feel was resultant of the angstrom length of radiation.

There is something odd with the way I am put togather, that to certain frequencies of radiation.
I hold a certain immunity and can it seems adjust to these differing types of increases in radiation, in this case increase to a drastic point solar.

After-effects from the period:I had noted that after passing the sun and the frequency it seems had dropped these phenomenon were apparent.

I had some problems with recognition of object perception, within changes in frequency perception.

This had manifested itself as I was sure that I was filling a gallon plastic jug with iced teas?
I'm sure, absolutely sure, that there was not printed label placed upon the gallon jug, telling whether its past usage had been water or milk?

I had opened the jug, smelled inside and found this to be probable water and then some time later went over to the sink to fill the gallon jug.

I before had looked through the same gallon jug and not only had observed the transparency of this jug.
This was by observing of having a label, however note that the entire outside of the jug was free of any kind of markings.

As I had started to fill this jug with ice tea, I had rotated the jug only to find a label had grown and was now reading DRINKING WATER, placed upon the side of the gallon semi-opaque jug, as if it had somehow grown there all by itself.

I had also noted a drastic increase in libido aims, to the point to where it was alarming.

Other phenomenon was noted by a friend of mine who was sure that if we drove on such and such road.He had said that we could reach a certain lake that he had attended that past year while on vacation.

I began to drive down this road only to explained to my friend that this road was bisected by a river without the application of a bridge so connecting to the location of the lake.

My friend was absolutely befuddled that he could not get to this lake, to where by how he had previously realize traveling to the lake, during time of frequency from Planet X, that in his mind he could do such.

There were not drugs or any noted medication taken during this period of the PX passing at close proximity to the central sun.

I am very sure, as in this historical marker, that an increase in radiation had occurred, to over where now events do seem a more marginally based side on the more normal.

PHYSICS CURRSORARY:The physics for the portent of this past event would register as the following where A source, or omega as beginning increase in amplitude in strength.

That would be present in supposition tent one, where and increase in radiation had been due to competition with planet X due to symbiosis.

So since Planet X is said to posses a semiactive core, supposedly held within failed radiation values, the A prime or at omega, at transit C to Earth is augmented by the squew of C prime into source which we will term as D, or Planet X.

So both frequencies would be blended into one, which is the angstrom frequency of A prime, to D which is not activated a third amplitude in strength, which ups frequency in the blue indigo range.

This is a broad band frequency and is spread out and certainly not columnaited to a fine focal point.However expressed certainly within our region of space.

This notes as odd, as why via SOHO, did the said marked increase only occur, when Planet X had passed before the sun.

Why could it have not been expressed say at the passing of the sun towards Mars, as PX had passed infront of the sun?

I would venture to say this was a marginally combine combination of rays similar to the older stiles of cobalt therapy machines.This was where a lineated electromagnetic source, bombarded a source held as an isotope, which had combined to yield a single be spaced ray?

This frequency, again I say was in my mind audible.
I did suffer a kind of retardation effect temporarily from this ray period and had to mentally readjust, once this increase in ray output had it seemed decrease?

I am located within the northern latitudes, so this may or may not have had any concurrence with the function of the HARP array in Alaska, which was said to have produce ejecta, in atmosphere, witnbin the relative time set as described by my telling here.

I feel normal and my skin appears okay.

What was more startling was the increase in frequency, which I feel in some way, was related to the past said Philadelphia Expierment in character.

There was a noteing on the Destroyer Eldrige, of an audible increase in ear howl, during the width and breadth of the PX experiment...

With reference to angstrom length as opposed to ince reases in amplitude, there must have been an abnormal range of radiation encountered, during this new introduction of Planet X?

Thank you, please keep in mind that these precedents are only rough estimates within solar shown radiations?

Truly and sworn
Extra considerations, Planet X

Please note these additional fact during the said time as marked by the SOHO calendared events, as marked at the beginning of this particular string.

One that animals all of a sudden seemed extremely conversive, as well as commutative to their aims and means.

This was expressed by large field animals nearby, as well as oddly placed phenomenon noted in dogs, placed by where I am located.

>My large dog, all of a sudden had started to understand English at this time.

This particular incident was manifested as throwing a small gain made dogbone into the local river, at which my dog dove in in order to fetch the now floating dog bone.

Because of a small chop in the water, due to about a ten knot wind, my dog could not get a good view of the dog bone floating on the water.

I said to the dog, at a distance of about forty yards, "No' the bone is to your left"..? and the dog understood and close the distance to the bone, which he had consumed.

There were also horses and wasp fervently communicating.

I had been attacked by a small swarm of wasp, which viciously attacked me and bit my arms to the tune of about six bites.

This was when I was entering a tree house in order to retrieve a saber saw. Where as soon as I had stepped off the ladder to gain access to this house, I was immediately attacked.

I did not even have time to react and it seemed as if there were immediate hot ashes had been placed all over my arms, which only a slight burning sensation.

In all my time, I have never been so rapidly to my recall, been attacked by wasp so viscously.

CORRECTIONS ON PHYSICS:The corrections on physics would be graphically illusatraited as such where sun is source at a regular emission of ray potential.

D is Planet X, which is entered into passages just past the sun, which is headed towards the general vicinity of Earth.

So to illustrate this we have A as sun and D as Planet X and E as Earth.

So the illustration floows a

A--------v^---------v^--------D, thenV^~~~~~~V^------------V^~~~~~~toE

So this is expressed as a said increase in solar output amplitude, from source A, to isotope target D, which is Planet X and where an increase in wave amplitude wave ray form, strike D, then primary spouce is combined with A, so transmutes to Ds factor as a latent isotope and both wave functions, under excitation from and increase in primary sources As output, yields to a change within both character and amplitude plus increase in frequencies of these rays.

So Earth for some time, was functioning within a realm increase, in wave frequency amplitude function, delta.

The secondary isotope is still there, however the resultant yield ray is now only very slightly modified, over the former, which was complete raise in wave excitation amplitude function, which had raise both primary source of ray charictics, as combined with the secondary target, which was PX.

>OPINIONS:The end results of yields on biological life forms, as well as planetary function within procession, are certainly not known as this time, nor would I care to even guess at this point in time?

Truly and sworn
Re: Hummmmmmmmmmmmm...

What a hum dinger!

Bees get very agitated when someone keeps droning on and on! Besides what were you doing hanging around abandoned tree houses? The suns frequency should have told you its Swarm here isn't it? You might as well have been in stingapore reading the Great Gats-bee!

Besides the Bees worked hard this summer, you cant blame them if they want more honey and shorter working flowers?

I think you better start beehive n yourself, maybe something was trying to tell you, you've been bee-witched!
More recient notation

Please note at link http://www.zetatalk.com/teams/rogue/nancy335.htm that a rough outline of Planet X can be seen overimposed on the sun.

#Note the link given does not seem to work here, for me?

Please go to this link at http://www.zetatalk.com/teams/tteam342.htm and once your in, then go to sighting for July 31st. second line down in this heading, the first entry on the left of this line titled, the next day from Dallas, Texas./ that pic of PX, thanks.

What I'm thinking, is hopefully this might be an elliptic course based within our own system?

If not then it has to be lineally headed straight for us, Earth....?

If this is the case, Planet X having a rough size only slightly smaller than Jupiter, however possessing a mass roughly twice this, as this is a failed star, even if this protostar is half way the distance from the Earth to the sun, the pull on Earth will certainly be considerable.

To all in government: I hope that you are held accountable for your actions, if you should know about this phenomenon, do nothing and there is a loss of life.

As I had said over and over again, I have applied for the position of offwrold ambassador to the president's office.

So proposed relations with offworld being to alleviate this coming catastrophe..............?

If mass loss of life comes as a result of the coming of Planet X and participants in government do nothing, my hopes would be that atleast some galactic authority holds some sector of Earth government accountable for this lack of action?

To date, I feel that this link supplied above is the best visualization to date, of Planet X.

If this is a cover-up and people are hurt as a result of this actions,. my God have mercy on the souls involved here?
Re: More recient notation


I hope you do know that no one actually cares what your posting. It’s got no basis to anything or anyone’s ideas here, but your own.

If you need a forum to talk to your self, why not pull up a chair and sit in front of a mirror. Because if anyone actually responds to you here, you will continue your long winded self-dialogue that is pretty pathetic and sorry to see, if it’s not obvious to you yet that no one gives a crap /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif.

Re: More recient notation

No your wrong there TTA.

Actually there is proof that others from other places and realms do read this posting board.

What I'm reporting on in this string, is as accurate as I can get it.

This change in frequency was about two weeks ago and the phenomenon that I had reported on as a result of X did happen.

Did you have some phenomenon happen to you at your job, such as papers either disappear that should not have or appear out of nowhere?

Didn't you notice anything at all?

I would suggest going to the web site I had offered and look very, very carefully over the info that is given there.

Why I'm reporting in this string, is that this will be a piece of history that other beings who come to this time, might be curious about.

I have been dutiful in this chore.

Im sure if you saw the coming events as I did and were as interested as I, that you would do the same.
Re: More recient notation

But who cares Creedo?

Only your little green Aliens from other realms do.

And if actual people do come and open your thread, that doesn’t mean they read all the dribble in them.

*<<Did you have some phenomenon happen to you at your job, such as papers either disappear that should not have or appear out of nowhere? Didn't you notice anything at all?>>*

No, did you? Maybe it was the cleaning lady who moved them :eek:

*<<Why I'm reporting in this string, is that this will be a piece of history that other beings who come to this time, might be curious about.>>*

Why I am the TTA is so that people in the present, not history; see’s the Time Travel threat as a perversion of all that we ever believed and accomplished. A turn in the wrong direction that will condemn man for everything that he stands for, freewill will be nothing but an illusion.

*<<Im sure if you saw the coming events as I did and were as interested as I, that you would do the same.>>*

If you saw the immorality of the future and Time Travel being the justified tool of correcting it and being exploited for it's cause, you would do the same and speak out against Time Travel and Aliens.

So you want to talk to me about duty and chores, try taking on the responsibility of the world and carrying it on your shoulders while still maintaining a high level of compassion and respect for life and people even if they don’t deserve it. Maybe then, you’ll know what it’s like to do something with a meaningful purpose in mind, knowing what the outcome will be, there will be no other choice but to help save it, or face darkness for all time.

I end this post with a quote from the movie Spiderman: “With great power comes great responsibility, that is my gift and my curse, I am TTA.” I just added that at the end of it

Re:deleted to stay within TOS

The forgiven comment has been deleted by Creedo 299, to stay within TTI TOS rules.
Re: Tell the maggot

Hahaha Creedo /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif do you actually think that you can hurt me? Please son, get real!

Your even more pathetic and desperate for attention and recognition by your Alien Masters then I thought. Your such a kiss @$$ though, and this clearly shows your true colors.

You want to come on here, and threaten people who can give a clear and accurate assessment to the Alien agenda? You want to discuss it without opposition and challenge and call anyone who questions you a maggot and cry like a little #$%*! just because your insecure in your own self that they may have a point?

Well, hate to tell you this Daniel, but that’s your problem.

Why don’t you do this world and forum a favor and shut your mouth, obviously your full of it and don’t know how to keep it from over flowing.

As all your long winded posts that no one responds to are proof of that

Xanadar had the right idea about you, you do need to get out more.

Go find a job Dan, and remember there’s strict laws against sexual harassment. And also don’t go about embarrassing your self and offending anyone the first day with notions about Aliens and you applying for an ambassador position. You might freak people out and think your some sort of Heaven’s Gate Alien freak. Even though that description fits you to a T :D.

Smell ya later,

Additional notation PX

Editory note, complinace with TOS rules, equanamity, rules, infractions, some text deleted not pertaining to subject matter.Re'edit @ 8/04/2003

Re'entry of text copy>Please note that in the http://www.zetatalk.com/teams/tteam342.htm under August first, that there seems to have been both a reporting of an electronic camera being burnt out.This burnout as well as in previous postings, peculiar waves being noted on the surface of the ocean, as a result of sunrise, as the Sanitori Island Resort?

These developments are disturbing within their foundations, due to the possible implications of what will come, if no proper heeding is observed by those in qualified government?(Question also)

I am forced inline with what George C. Andrews has reported via the Khyla interview, within his book, Extra-terrestrial Friends And Foes.This is via Khyla's sayings in the book held interview, that Earthbased man and women do posses a certain mount of extraterrestrial cells, within their physical makeups.

(This past day I am forces to observe the character of the natures of men and woman on this planet, inline with what I know of offwolrd cultures.

This say, any cropping of individuals taken from say any large department store, or gathering where Earth people gather.

I am sorry to say, where I do notice a lot of sophmorism, among the throngs, are well as both male and female attractiness qualities.

I am disturbed to say, as also inline with past posted information on the web, under the search word, hidden aliens, that in some respects, even though Earthbased man carries some tenet of E.T. cells within him, her, it seems by observation for the most part they are not a space survivable species........?

Please forgive me for my supposition of comment, however I paint my comments this way.

There are, as held in the well known many scienf fiction movie series, actually many junk yards in space, with spent spacecraft placed within them.

The question rises, if one were to take most Earthlings and place them within a fully function brand new offworld spacecraft and asked to fly this craft away; in fifteen minutes, as it was imperative to do so, then could most Earthlings inline with how the appear within their held levels of sophistication, be able to do this task?

I won't venture any answer here, however I must vest both the apology and question to stand here, within proper rebuttal lines.This is the nature of Earthbased man in the held coming of projected new disaster, held in visions eye, as both a compatriot, or more or less as something to use?

This would be noted as a woithiness view held by potentual offworld galactic beings, not necessarily my own view of Earthbased man and women?

I'm sorry,. however the question must be raised at this time, what is not only the worth of Earthbased man, but what is his, hers survable rating, as well as suitability in line with the possible equation of becoming a qualified galactic citizen?

I hate to raise this question, but I must.

OTHER BUSINESS:Theory:I have found that by possible expiernce, that it may be possible to project and infer-red wave ray, of sorts, to where in a fashion similar to aq radar wave, the position of Planet X could be determined.

This answer as far as the radar wave, would roughly tell the position of how far said new Planet X is placed from Earth and is there a lineal straight line in course for Earth, via the Nancy Lieder web site, or is there a now rotary motion, which will take Planet X around the sun?

I feel that by a said, maybe sup[posed return of any said such infer-red sent object wave, that Planet X is headed straight towards Earth's vicinity.Note as said as said on the http://www.zetatalk.com/teams/tteam342.htm , there will be a point to where Planet X will place atleast half way, between Earth and the sun, in distance and then by gravitational deflection, begin a divergent course of travel, which will take it out of this solar system to the far edge.

I'm not sure of a rate of closure, as I had said before, however would guess that a full rotational course.This said would be contrary to a poster who I have taken into my confidence says, a period of five years, will be the time taken to travel to this mid way point.

I am frightened at these prospects, as in some ways, I do care for Earrthlings, my supposed fellow man.

However what really has me curious, is to what is our group considered status held by both formalized forms of government, as well as said, supposed hidden influences, such as said secret organizations, aliens good and bad and the like.

This posting and its character, is and should be considered a species of history.

Please note with reference to the said traveler John Titor, there is a mystical area, as to where his said procurer of information transference, had said> that Titor was probably not from our current read timeline, however in other postings by this said agent, had also said that yes he was from this timeline. This timeline might be divergent due to the complexity of the said G.E. time displacement unit, a number of side by side time trips, had to be ex established in order to reach our current timeline, in order to make his claims concerning the coming future said due to befall Earthbased mankind.......?

I am befuddled at the nature of what Nancy Lieder is placing on her web site, with great interests.This is due to the fact, that in order to replicate this as false data, due to all the many differing world wide contributions made by digital cameras, which is again a technology issue.

Know that the price range for this again supposed forgery, would range into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Said supposed John Titor never said anything concerning the coming proposed or real, concerning at this time, proposed Planet X.

Yes this line topic of discussion is open to rebuttal, however within advised TOS rules.
Re: Additional notation PX

After 3 boring minutes, the TTA says quit you’re whining and get a life.

Trust me, now one is going to miss you if you stop posting here.

Not to mention, that no one will care.

You’ve been a passive thorn in everyone’s @$$ for many years here Daniel.

You’ve threaten to bring your alien daddy and destroy those who oppose you, you’ve cursed and wished harm onto others, and you’ve gone as low as to even bring in people’s personal thoughts and exploit them and make little perverted scenario’s out of them. Darby, Pamela, and CAT can attest to that.

You want to talk to me about TOS and rules of the road. Look at your own character here over the years, and tell me how many times have you stepped over the line? How many more times must you make an @$$ out of your self to realize that it’s you who is the problem? You will only deceive your self and apologize for it, and do it again a few months later.

That in it’s self, is truly pathetic. As are you.

Retork, deleted text:

Please note inline with TTI's rules on board etiquette, said posting disagreement has been deleted, inline with harmony asked by TTI posting rules and MOPs request for equanimity in general attitude climates.

Thank you, respectfully
Re: Retork, board problems one days posting:

*<<Creedo replies>Setting the record straight:Know that a major work on how Earth did function as told by Barbara Marciniack, was refuted in the FIGU web site.
Barb's Earth The Pleiadean Keys book was very accurate and told of structures that work in people's live here, as part of the plans are put together.
Ptaah had refuted what Barbara Marciniack had said, within the character of her book, which should raise and eyebrow to all>>*


*<<What she became insecure about, was misinterpreted and was not even meant for CAT, however Clara in a joking around manner.>>*

Talk about making an @$$ out of your self. Do you really think this damage control can take away the fact that you offended and violated these people? To you it maybe in a joking around manner that you can easily explain away your actions by the writings of authors, but dude your full of crap.

*<<Creedo respopnds to TTA>On TOS rules, I have reformed due to the level of experience that I have now gained from being here.>>*

Reformed the TTA’s @$$, just 3 days ago you called the TTA a worthless waste of life and tried to cover your @$$ by deleting the post “to stay within TOS” limits, yeah right your reformed!

*<<This statement as opposed to your ongoing caustic behaviors, where you seem to prey on everyone involved who post here.>>*

No, just you and Alien flunkies

*<<This post is for history parody and not for you TTA>>*

When have you known the TTA to wuss out and delete anything on here for history’s sake?

I don’t run away from it, cry about it and erase it, I leave it and take responsibility for it and move on. I earned my marks, whether good or bad, I midas well show them off. Historians will see that as charecter, unlike you they will see as deceptive and exploitive.

*<<This post will stay here for this day and may be noted by both offworld historians and or time traveling historians.>>*

Well that’s very nice of you Creedo, but maybe you should have left your insulting TOS violating posts as well. That way they could clearly see that the TTA was within his right to whoop your @$$ and your just whining about it because he did so.

*<<Your mental displays of caustic belittlement should rise to the attention of the MOPs, as well as other authorities here, as it seems at times, you defiantly do degrade this board?>>*

Quit kissing up to MOP Creedo, if anyone here is mental it's you. And if anyone degrades this board, it’s you with your long-winded escapades of writing about crap that no one cares about reading but you.

Just do your self the favor and quit while your ahead. Your talking to the TTA remember /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif? History shows you can't win against common sense.

Re: Retork, board problems one days posting:

Hush,hush Enforcer of time!!!!!

You need Peace in Jesus Christ Amem..

this is a story about Enforcer of time who need love and understanding need to be reborn again...
now if you tried to use Steven Gibb HDR unit it won't work for a bad person but a good person so hush and quit messing creedo2x99

Enforcer of time just ran out of time and need to be reborn... /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Notification of movment of string.

Please note, that by protocols invested within the Time Travel Institute's e-posting board guidelines, the nature of this string will now be moved to TTI's paranomal Phenominon posting sections.

The precident that demands this, are the statments, said, for the past two weeks, >That since a change in freequncy, would pose difficilties in certain time travels, gaining access to this area, of time, then no more proof is required for the natures, postings on Planet X within this string.

No comment in this sting regarsless of who has said it, infracts, on the academic question.This is since frequncy in the amplitude of the sun, has apparently diminished with a supposed distance between said protostar Planet X and the sun.

So by some mechanics causeing a rise in frequncy, since this had diminished, then by rules of scientific compostion, this string must be moved?

Thank you
Re: Retork, board problems one days posting:


Do not use the Lords name in vain when referring to the TTA. Especially in the context where you stand here using it to defend a corrupted man such as Creedo. You know not of the victims he’s violated. Of the bull crap he’s spewed. And of the insanity his soul is tortured by.

You do not speak of Christian understanding and compassion, but of liberalism and acceptance of immorality.

But of course, if you feel that you have something to say to the TTA, then by all means, just bring it!

The TTA already knows who he’s facing... 424

Update to TT machines only PX

On the Planet X phenomenon as it pertains to time travel only:

It seems that the level of frequency had dropped with respects to the very marginal increase experienced about two weeks ago, from the initial date of this post.

By the latest post from the Nancy Lieder web site, http://www.zetatalk.com/teams/tteam342.htm it does seem now, that Planet X is not fictitious and is come towards Earths general vicinity.

I do not know about higher powers at this time, making any plans for a forced or offered evacuation of Earth?

I know frequency has gone down overall, due to diminished activity in wasp. Wasp greatly increase activity in relationship, to an increase in frequency, where it seems other forms of insects quiet down.

There is also other intimation that this is a solar system wide phenomenon, with changes noted reviently by Russian scientist on activity on Jupiter, as well as at the edge of the solar system.

From what I'm getting back from many source, is there may be an overall increase in frequency, however to what end?

I am only noting these few caution notes, on entry into this time area, via any time travel machine, as your settings may change, due to the fact that Planet X was over-irriadtied by Earth's central sun.

This was a required NRC demanded disclosure by law and was not completed, according to NRC regulations by a qualified physicist by a required publicly printed submission to general public's view.

With how the general authority seems to have structure the state of affairs, no wonder.

Thank you please make note of the date times held withinthis notice as overlaid on the said phenomenon rates?