Plausability For "Time~Travel" & Quantum Mechanics

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Plausability For \"Time~Travel\" & Quantum Mechanics
With all due respect to those who have spent countless hours in the disciplines of science & physics who cannot understand the plausibility to induce reversion of Time`Travel, let alone "Time~Travel" as in being generated artificially to accelerate the effects, I don't want to imply that their calculations are inaccurate per say, and they are just plain wrong however, it is perhaps that there are a variety of new existing quantum mechanics, as well as the math behind it to show this in theory that has been either missed, or overlooked that go well above & beyond the information that they have been applying, thus explains why others find it difficult to see how it "CAN" be done! A good example is that Einstein himself, although demonstrated his frustration towards the plausibility of Quantum mechanics, and expressed adamantly that he was against this new science which was considered "Fringe" in it's day, his own theory of general relativity laid down the very foundations for quantum mechanics to exist, and would not have had the necessary data to lead the way for this new science if not for his theories in the first place! Moreover on a comparative note, we are going through a lot of new developments to test these new bold theories relating to the inner workings of QM, many of them which are being applied are so new infact, most of this data is as recent as 1989, and are in the very beginning stages to develop these new prototype devices to demonstrate how it will work, and what it can do, very much like those who were involved in the early days of putting Einstein's theories to the test that lead to the development of nuclear fission, and a variety of other applications such as the A-Bomb & etc. we are now going through yet another paradigm shift which involves many of the same processes to test the abilities of Quantum mechanics, which will lend to the development of such things like Teleportation which IBM, and a few other private companies are involved in, as well as "Time~Travel" be-it "Reversion" or acceleration to a future that either represents one that closely resembles a version of our own future, or exploration of "parallel" or alternate versions as such. Just because these ideas are rejected by others, (whom I must say are perhaps in their own right correct with respect to their equations, and their formal educational backgrounds), with all due respect, it is my contention that they might be using equations that cannot adapt to show plausibility to these new concepts, yet it does not necessarily demonstrate any less plausibility for these new concepts to be demonstrable, let me is perhaps that much of the science that many others are applying here, perhaps was not adequately designed sufficiently enough to demonstrate the plausibility for such ideas, thus in order to resolve the conflict of such issues, we need to conduct more research that involves the application of Quantum mechanics, and apply the most recent data that has been gathered to pioneer new methods to demonstrate the plausibility of these new theories. A good example of the conflict of (related) issues involving the same processes that lead to the development of pioneering frontier technologies within our own history, let's compare Enrico Fermi, as to how his theories provided solutions to demonstrate the inner workings of neutrons back in 1933 which were painfully rejected by the journal "Nature" when it was first submitted there. The question that scientists were faced with during this era was, if neutrons are not composed of protons and electrons, and if there are no other electrons in the nucleus, then how are we to understand the fact that electrons are emitted by nuclei in beta radioactivity? This answer was provided of course in 1933, after the neutron was discovered, in a new theory of beta radioactivity that was developed in Rome (by none other than) "Enrico Fermi" (1901-1954) Most of what we are dealing with now in relation to quantum mechanics was not feasible until now with respect to the science that had to be conducted beforehand, some of which was involving our most recent probes launched by NASA to study the effects of these elements, and it's relationship to our own solar system that relied upon sophisticated technology that simply was not around then, and again I must emphasize that some oft this data gathered was as recent as 1989 by Chandra's X-Ray telescope, and to that even more recent, NASA's "Genesis" probe which was launched to study the theories of the "Big-Bang" as it is intended to gather particle emissions generated by our sun's solar winds. So you can see now that there are no limits at all as what we have potential to create with one exception, and that is only in respect to the limits we place upon ourselves!