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My cousin and I were talking about time travel and we understand how going faster than the speed of light could make someone go back in time, but how would someone in forward in time? i mean you can just go faster or that will put you further in the past. and you cant go slower cause im doing that right now. any answers on this?
Re: Speed is not as important as gravity

Friend TheHedz

In the past, the concept of speed was quite important regarding the concept of temporal displacement. However, in the more recent days of Dr. Thorne, the concept of speed as a needed variable in the formula of time travel took a secondary position.

The concept arises from the postulations that the faster an object achieves ultimate velocity it's surrounding space becomes slower, thus making time travel to the past feasible. But as you point out, how then can a possible time displacement occur towards the future? Well chap, speed is not the answer, but gravitational force.

I explain. If one were to move towards the future by employing machinery that corresponds to a series of quantum principles, however crude that might be, one would need to have access to an object whose gravitational index is inversely proportional to it's mass. Those object can be easily found throughout this universe and many others. They are called black holes.

Then, one would have to devise a smaller object that could reproduce the anomalies' effect and then orbit around it's outer event horizon. By creating a similar effect around the boundaries of the larger and natural phenomenon one would create a kassimir-like effect. The result would be that by moving the smaller object around the outer perimeter of the larger one utilizing perpendicular vectors temporal displacement to the future would be possible, for it then becomes an inertial object amidst space-time.

So you see my friend, speed becomes a secondary variable. Nevertheless as I have stated before in this forum, I rather employ more subtle ways, like employing the Prime Temporal Point as a gateway towards time.

Until later becomes now.