"The future ain't what it used to be."

Please note this change of stance 200 yrs time


Please note the probable corrections to this two hundred year model.

A. That in a village in Bohemia, there was an attack of classically known vampires, that bit upto fifty percent or more of those villagers.

B.That casualties had occurred within this bitten population and that atleast twenty-five percent of the population either died as a result of bites, or became vampires and were later dispatched by the villagers, with assistance themselves.

C.That what had enabled the villagers to dispatch these fresh blood newly made vampires, was the birth of half vampire children, who by all intent purposes, looked as normal human, however had some trait abilities in the gene sense, for their original vampire attackers, who well full blood vampires.

CONCLUSION WITHIN THE SCIENTIFIC REALMS:That a new event had occurred naturally all by itself, within the virus RNA DNA cell actions, so letting half vampires be born, who were later used as weapons against full blood vampires.

THE ELEMENT OF TIME AND LOCATION:That in time these half blood people with vampire traits, would migrate to the USA and assume an everyday normal appearance.

COMPLICATIONS:What would be left of the full blooded vampires, since there might have been a sensing of an evolutionary change, in how both vampires and full blooded vampires were changing and that either by design, or by natures own realm, that the full vampires themselves, had changed viral status architecture.

This second sub-group had also moved to America, however since the nature of the virus had changed, the new actions to fresh compatriot initiates, would be a quick death by injestion of one drop of blood by mouth, then a very quick speed, the RNA manifold within the DNA complex would rewrite the entire body's signature and a more modified natural vampire were to have occured.

THESE NEW FEATURES WOULD BE:Not needing to feed on humans anymore, however to be able to eat both cooked bloods and or consume cow bloods, which would have replaced the need to attack humans.

The ability to go out and travel about in full daylight, however with only slight sensitivity restrictions.

All of the double dimensional traits, of vampires and more humanlike vampires put together.


If you ask to many questions concerning your interest into time travel, you might be killed.

Did you want to get me killed, is this what you want?

By another person known as Lia X, who said:He probly got too close concerning the truth about vampires and could end up getting killed.

P is located within the U.S. while Lia X is located within Great Britton.

FURTHER CONCLUSIONS:That the pushing of classical sorts of vampires, as residing as being normal event in the U.S. by the movie industry, is really a ruse in order to cover-up real sort of newer vampires, which now secretly reside in the United States.

WHAT IS NOT KNOWN:Whether as far back as the 17 or 18oos, whether or not laboratory methods were used by a secret vampiric community, via genetics modeling, to effect the foresaid supposed changes within vampire evolution?

FINAL CONCLUSION:That some of the real vampire factions, are not the same as they were two hundred years ago.

AND that more humanlike vampires and these not even necessarily demonically intoned vampires, do now exist side by side Earthbased mankind, as a preciend only part of their populations.