"The future ain't what it used to be."

Please read.


Hi all.

Due to extreme personal circumstances, it may be sometime, if ever, I return to this board.

It's been cool, always been interested in time travel, *LOVED* the idea that I could go back and change everything I screwed up; and have a bit of fun on the way :)

I would like to thank Mop (Admin) for giving me the chance here. Thank You.

Thanks to everyone who posts here, you make this board what it is, hopefully we progress to what we all are aiming for.

Like I said I could be back, but something got me really upset, now I gotta sort something out.

Juts like to say this isn't some stunt, I just didn't want to leave without asying thanks and goodbye.

Have great lives y'all. I'll be back sometime :)

Omnia Vincit Amor (or so I was led to believe for over 5 years),
Peter Attwood.
If you ever need to blow off steam to someone, I'm here and I'v just about heard it all in this world. I don't judge or offer advice unless asked. I'll listen if you need to vent steam. Your friend, Mokrie Dela
sorry to hear you will be leaving,dymenzionz.
I've enjoyed the few e-mail chats we have had. wherever you end up I know you will be ok. you are very intelligent, a little ahead of your years.
you wouldnt want to go back and change the things you thought you screwed up. you just view them that way but you will see in the end it will all work out.
Im sorry to hear you are going through some difficulties. anything I can do?......let me know.

I'm sorry to hear that. I hope everything works out for you and your family. You've done a great job on the TTI Forums and we owe you a great debt. And remember that you'll always have a home on our forums.

Raul Burriel/Mop
The Time Travel Institute
All of your nobel efforts to contribute to the TTI forum are greatly aprreciated, and you will be sincerely missed!

I am by your side in spirit, and bring you hope that all goes well with you & yours.

tis a shame that we could not make amends before your departure, ive been to hell and back through divorces and such so i have personal expierience about this and i know about your matters but only because i can see it in your eyes

lets put an end to les enfat terreb at this site!
see you somewhere in time...