"The future ain't what it used to be."

point of recurence light& time



time accelerates faster the closer an obejct gets to light speed,so the big man stieny said, he also said that if faster than light speed is achieved time wold reverse,it would be fair to asume that it would slow down at the same rate, however if an object were to pass light speed by a fraction,it would travel back in time a fraction to the pointat wich it achieved light speed, to the pilot of such a craft it would seem that he or she could only maintain light speed ,but to an obsever the craft would seem to be staionary the infinitly small journey in time inperseptable, would a constant infinitly small journey in time have an effect on the crafT? IF an obsever set 2 watches to 4 oclock and gave one to the pilot after the experiment both watches would show the same time ,however the age of the watch would be less by a fraction at an atomic level again difficult to prove. this is assumeing that light speed is the holy grail perhaps light speed isnt all that fast as has been proven recently by scientists achieving 300 times the speed of light...is possible the big man is wrong?
Yes, Stieny and all the rest are wrong, but they are all helping to find the answers.