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Temporal Novice
theoretically if the past had in fact have been altered then us as the wider largely ignorant community would be unaware of this. Im sure this has already been established, though if people were constantly altering minor events, or even major events that subsequently alter certain dates it would just appear normal to us. For the reason how can we be certain that it is not occurring? With current knowledge it would not seem possible as travelling at the speed of light would destroy us.. But is the universe so rigidly structured that there is no leway for alterations? is everything preordained? Perhaps transdimensional theories are more plausible than travel in our specific version of reality.. Interested to hear of peoples thoughts on fate...
First of all, any alteration of the past would just make it into what is the past now. So any and all alterations from this moment on of the past (up until the end of time) would just result in our current past being produced. This is because we cant 'remember' alternate pasts, since we are a direct result of the most recent (by recent I mean the last alteration EVER) past. So we wouldnt be able to tell if the past has been altered because our former selves (those that had remembered the unaltered past) would be replaced with us.

Also, travelling at near light speeds in the vaccuum of space will destroy you. In the near perfect vaccuum of space, there are 1000 molecules per cubed inch. This may seem like nothing, but when they are bombarding you at near light speeds they will destroy your ship and everything in it. (remember that by relativity, whatever speed your travelling at will be the speed that an object smashes into you at) We have seen the effects of just one particle already, when a proton hits another proton at near light speeds a pion, a proton, and a neutron are created. (the formation of the pion and neutron are the result of an antiquark and a regular quark being created)