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Poll: Best use of time travel in a film...


Hi guys,

I can't remember if I've post this poll on the message board before, but if I have, I'm sure some of the answers will have changed by now...

What is - in your opinion - the best adaptation of time travel in a movie you've seen?

- I like how - in Austin Powers 2 - we're told "try not to think about it..."
- But the best use of time travel (or at least "time tampering") would be Frequency, where the paradoxes and troubles of messing with time are addressed.
- The worst use of time travel I've probably ever seen has to be Time Cop, for reasons I'd rather not rave about right now.

The movie 'The Thirteenth Floor' is a real trip. It is not time travel but it is time travel. It is about computer generated reality so well done that the "players" can't tell its not real......(.you know like "I can't believe its not butter"). The computer complex resides on the 13th floor but as the plot develops it seems that floor 13 is more real than floor12, 14 or any of the rest of the world for that matter. If you consider their computer to be a 'dream directing' machine it all gets a bit spooky.

Like you dream the existance of a complete world full of people. What happens to THEM when you wake up? Blink!

Like every morning we all fall asleep and dream that we are awake. ha ha
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Celebi time traveler, I think you're posting in the wrong thread. This thread is about "Best use of time travel in a film".

I was thinking, you know Planet of the Apes was not that bad of a time travel movie. Of course, you are not absolutely certain that it is a time travel story until the ending.

The odd thing about Frequency was that the guy was able to remember the alternate time lines. I think my favorite scene in the movie is near the end, when temporal ripple passes through the house.
I don't particularly believe that Dr. Who was a very good time travel show - not in that it presented travel through time poorly, but rather that it didn't really use time travel much at all in the series.

Sure, there were the Time Lords and the TARDIS, but Dr. Who did more space travel than time travel. The writers tried to toss in some time elements into every story, but it all felt so contrived. If Dr. Who could travel in time, why didn't he just go back 5 or 10 minutes and fix up everything the Master screwed up?

How about Back to the Future?

Especially that part where his parents don't kiss and he starts to disappear.
"Disappear in your mind, but not in mine". I'm not capable of disappearance, "at least in my mind".