"The future ain't what it used to be."

poll, legalities on Titor case


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If Titor case is a hoax, should criminal charges be considered?
Gee, you got here fast?

How about inciting political sides, to a false revolution?

What about all the people who have read this Titor thing and are worried about necessary medications and or treatments they must receive, being canceled?

This is just for starters.

Allot of people as of late have been picking up arms, worried about a revolution which is to, or is not to come?

Don't you think that there are some people who are worried about loved ones getting the items, that they need, in the face of a nationwide revolution?

Someone claimed a copyright on the story, but won't say if the story of Titor is true or not?

I'm not the total authority here Darby, I'm only asking IF, they should be considered, not for a write-in verdict.

After-all this is a game and fantasy, isn't it Darby?