Poll: Who here has built (or attempted) a TM?

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I am interested in knowing, just for fun, if anyone here has actually gone ahead with making something that is either purposed or meant to represent a time machine or some time controlling device, whether it worked or not, or meant to work or not, it doesn't matter!

Even if it's just a full-size replica model of, say the modified Delorean as in the BTTF trilogy, that you've built just as a hobby or something, or if you have possibly even made a device that does something for real (??!!), or if as a kid you pretended your tree house was a time machine or something...


(PS I have a post in the Aliens and UFO section where I've discussed a possibility of why, *if* strange beings actually visit and *if* they are from the future, why they share the characteristic grey bodies, big black eyes, and so forth... It's worth a read)
have attempted to utilize the unified field theory once using a vaccum cleaner motor several magnets two flood lights and a "light bender"(can't remember the name of the crystal I used but I attempted to create a temporal hole with disasterous results. the motor went out of control and burned up just as I thought I was getting somewhere. I was 17 at the time that was 10 years ago. I have since fallen into a much better design but havent had time to build the darn thing yet. There are four parts to this TM and each part will require approximately one year to build since the component parts haven't been invented yet . on another note I've had dreams about antigravity devices and can recall them almost completely each part looks like a bed spring wound up tight at the bottom with an antenna protruding to the center of the top of the coil .it has medium size ball at the end split in two and requires a generator to operate . hope this helps all those inventors out there get a little closer to your dreams.
I know this sounds stupid but this reminds me of a dream I had a couple of months ago, actually 2 dreams about the same thing, a week or two apart.

I had a fairly vivid dream about viewing up-close the components of a time-machine, in the two dreams I was looking at it from different perspectives inside and outside.

As I sais before this sounds stupid and the reason why is because the time machine took the form not unlike the fictional modified DeLorean in the BTTF trilogy. But the actual components were different, even that 'flux-capacitor' thingy was different looking, if that was indeed what it actually was. I don't actually remember stepping back and viewing the thing as a whole so I can only assume it was a sports coupe of some kind.

In the first dream I was behind the vehichle from the outside looking closely in and around all the mod's the only similarity between my dream and the fictional TM were the two 'exhaust fins'. The other components were quite different but at the time very clear and vivid.

The second dream I looked at the components from the inside of the vehichle. I get the impression it wasn't finished because from the inside I could see right through a large empty area to the ground below the entire chassis. But what components were there again I could see them and how they were connected quite clearly as if it was real. All I can remember now is a few devices connected by cables or conduits of some sort, and maybe a large coil (about 8 inches in diameter, 3-4 feet long) that I don't think was wrapped around any solid core.

Of course like most people I don't keep a notepad and pencil besides my bed and those clear vivid recollections of my 'dream' TM close-up quickly have become foggy vague memories.

But like I said, it was only a dream. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.