possibilities in another universe?


Temporal Novice
I am having trouble my theory on time travel. Are we a soul or a physical person. If a physical person then the seperate universe thing would be almost impossible if we made changes to the world so I would not be present in that universe. But if I was a soul I was born and died at the same time no matter which universe you looked at then it would not totaly rely on the idea of being born to a certain individual. Also physical attributes would not have to be the same. If it was physical than that would mean that there is another force at work, call it fate or destiny that makes two people be in the same place and do the same thing in every universe?

Could you go back in time and be two different people in the same time?

An old man and a young man part of the same soul but physicaly different?

Are you tied to another person so that physical attributes are the same in every universe to one of your parents?

In the different universe's could you live and die at different times or would you die at the same time in all of the universe's?
I've actually wondered about this one also. If we go with the multiverse theory, then this means that there is an endless amount of me's in almost each universe, so what about our souls ? Our physical may be different in some universes and the same in others, but what about our soul in all of them ? our spirit ? If I die here then I go to heaven or to the next Dimension and what about the endless other me's out there, they die to join and form one ?? Does this make any sense?