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Possible Time Bender?



I have recentlly come up ith the idea for a machine, that I am a bit curious about. It consists of a metal cage that is magnified by a -90mhz charge. Picture a cage like ball. Cut the ball in half, and hang the half cage on top of a rotating magnetic bar, which in the middle is an electric engine from one of my remote controlled cars. the bar itself has a +90mhz charge and is spining at 20 revelations per second. the beam is coming in contact with all the edges of the -90mhz charged half circular cage. Now make a magnetic room in the center of the half cage connected to a magnetic door and halway leading to the outer part of the cage. In side the room you have you north south east and west.I am not quite sure what this will do if I turn it on, that is why I am asking for suggestions first.

Hello, are you there? Now I have duties to perform, maybe tomorrow we'll continue.
1. The cage is a Faraday cage.
2. it is a magnetic 90 mhz frequency, they do phase shift, you are correct about the power supply
3. the 20 revolutions per second modulate the standing wave.
4. the magnetic room, Is where I believe we will be harnesing the magnetic flux this machine produces.
Thankyou, Unknown Friend