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Practical Application of Multiverse Theory



I once tried to get a woman to go to bed with me on the first date, by using this reasoning:

Every time a wave/particle is put in a situation where it can theoritically change to more than one state, it will change to all possible states creating a new universe for each state. This quickly leads to an infinite number of parallel universes. In one of these other universes you are saying 'Yes' to me. Why not in this Universe?

Well it didn't work, but it did lead me to think:

1) Is a multiverse theory inherently amoral? If there are an infinite number (or EXTREMELY large number) of universes out there, then is it almost certain that each one of us is a serial killer in at least one of the other universes? If this is the case, then why should we behave properly in this particular universe?

2) Feynman once proved Fermat's theorem (regarding the path of light through various transparent media) by adding up EVERY possible path between the beginning and ending point of the light ray. When he added up all these paths, there were a lot of cancellations and what was left was Fermat's Least Time path.

If there are multiple universes, could it be that they are not all separate, but in someway interconnected like all the possible paths that the light could travel? In this way, what we experience as reality is not our living in a single universe, but the superposition of all our existences in all of the parallel universes. In this way, you could have multiple universes AND morality because the universes could be set up so that good behavior sums up and reinforces your existence in all of the universes, while bad behavior cancels out and tends to minimize your overall existence in all the various universes.

Any thoughts?
Check a lower post on this but my logic says if multiverse is possible, the number of them is infinite. It can never be a finite number since however many you can concieve, I can always concieve at least one more.

Ergo, there are an infinite number or only one.

If there are an infinite number, everything that is ever going to occur in all of eternity has/is/will happened/happening/happen.

Somehow, my Occam's razor says this is silly. Reality would never be so complicated. It wouldn't need to be.

This 3 dimensional world is made of infinite 2d worlds. The theory really says that the universe is 4 dimensional.
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The way I see it is that there HAS to be an infinite number of different universes. Because there are so many different possibilities. First of all there are billions of people on earth. I'd say about every minute you have a decision you have to make or something that you say. And to keep it at a very modest number, let's say there are five different universes you have just created just by deciding what to do or say. Then for every one of those decisions you put yourself in a new situation that leads you to face new courses of action then in the other universes.

Then you have to consider just how many of these new universes have been spawned in only a day by only one person. Then you think of it for the billions of people on this world. To take it even further you could think of things like animals and the weather. Granted though animals are led by instinct and will in almost in all cases make the same decision. And so far we've been limiting this to only our planet earth. Would multiverses be formed by things in distant galaxies?

One idea to consider is that some of these universes would be so alike that they would simply blend together and become one without our even noticing. If not, if you would ever lead "our" universe and travel to another (Sliders) it would be nearly impossible to find "our" universe again because of the sheer number and the likeness of many.

Some one here suggested tht on one universe we would all probably be mass murderers. This I may tend to disagree with since I think that most people would probably be near to exactly the same. And so this would only apply to some.

And one final note would be that we may not exist on many worlds. If we were concieved as a child just a month sooner or later, we would be entirely different people.

That got ya thinkin
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I'd have to wonder what it is you are basing any of this on? Quantum Theory? Relativity? If so, which? Perhaps both?

If so, how? I can think of NO Hypothesis or Theory in any of the physical sciences that hypothesize any of what you say here except the possible Einstein-Rosen Bridge in Quantum Thoery. But you'll have to tie those together for me as to just how you see your descriptions above as a logical result of said bridge.

You are stating several situations here in a rather matter-of-fact manner as if I'm supposed to just assume they must be true. What is your data that backs this up? What are your sources of input and reference? What verification have you recieved from independent sources, and finally, what predictions does your theory make that we can observe as verifiable?

Thank you.
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Sorry Lee, but all that is pretty much just theory here. I can really think of no way to prove or disprove any of this. I don't expext you to just believe this I'm just trying to throw out some ideas that I believe could very well be possible.
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I certainly meant no offense by the questions, but since I'm a rather pragmatic kind of guy, I like it when people are clear about whether they are hypothesizing or stating what they believe to be verifiable fact.

Your Ideas ARE interesting and I did not mean to demean them in any manner. I just wasn't sure if you were offering them as opinions since I did not see a lot of "what if's" or "I think" in your discourse.

Like I said, you come across sort of matter-of-fact which in my repertoire means I'm stating something that is known to be so, by someone at least.

I make semantical blunders when I try to think faster than I can type, and usually get called on it myself. I'm trying to get better about it, bear with me.

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Please elaborate.
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You're right, I should've had some "what if's" in there. That was the first time I posted here so what can you expect.

No hard feelings.