"The future ain't what it used to be."

Prime Temporal Point revisited


Temporal Novice
Friends of TR125.0121 I can sense that most of you have a denoted difficulty in understanding the Prime Temporal Point concept. Well to begin with the PTP doesnot belong to the metaphysical arena, however it might be classified by your kind as such. I explain myself; the magic of one culture is another´s culture advanced science. What I mean is that somewhere in time a culture has evolved far sooner that TR125.0121 into a more advanced society that has understood that what you believe to be religion is actual and factual science. The PTP, yes it might sound miraculous, but is not. Is the resulting achievement of one society that truly learned to co-exist as one single being.
The PTP, so you can know better, is a single point from where a time phaser can track down the intricate lattice made out by the chronotrons, which are the particles that trace out the fabric of time according to what takes place in a given reality.
This people enter or engage the PTP by using what they call a cronocron, which is a time displacement device that tracks down the way that chronotrons are displayed in the canvas of temporal reality. It is a point or circle from where one can traverse towards the desired time frame.
Well for now this is enough, see you soon fellow time...travelers?.
Synchroisity strikes!

>>>>one cultures magic is anothers science>>>>

found a book called "Indistinguishable from Magic" at a booksale to day

>>>>prime temporial point PTP <<<<<<

Same book sale got Douglas Adams book "Dirk Gently's Wholistic Detctive Agency". Inside front cover is a sample bill where he charges his client for:

"finding the triangulating vectors of the connection point of all things" (2331.62 Brittish pounds incase you want to know.)