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I have alot of information to say but I can't say because I kept a promise between me and a time traveler that I have talked with but never met also I have been having dreams about time travel and teleportation maybe it is a sign or maybe it is not who knows for sure! I will say though that the president of the US will be Colin Powell in 2004 or 2005 and one other thing that this world will become a controlled state like police state it is almost like in The Time Machine when he goes farther in the future and sees a city in ruins and rubble and the police/military try and arrest the guy of the time machine and the moon was falling apart but when the city was hit the guy who was the time traveler got away and turn on his time machine and left. I will not tell you all more because I keeping a secret and that secret is kept!
Frog, would this person by any chance be Carlos Novela? The guy with two HDRs? He told me the same stuff about Colin Powell being the president in 2004 and everything about that.
Why is that whenever someone says something about the future it alway has to be glommy, like were gonna be under marshal law, the world would be in ruin, it will be destroyed with in the next 50 years.

maybe its because people just make this stuff up.

and if someone from the future did tell some from the past wouldn't change the future some how and make it not happen because we are educated about it.
Yes I know Carlos and what he told me about alot of his experiences about parallel universes, alternative futures and our near future he sent me a HDR but I had to give it back to him I never used the HDR that is why he has two of them instead of one of them he said that his device does weird stuff like floating and so forth if you want to email me then you can it is [email protected] that is all I can tell you for now email me and we will talk!
Maybe everyone says that the future will turn out bad, because it is... Yes it would change the future if 75% of the people knew about it maybe. But they don't teach the future in schools or on television. Just a few of us know.
Yeah I agree with Super on this one. Only a few of us DO know the future is gonna turn out all gloomy and crap. The ones who do know should try and change it somehow, no matter what it is. Well ttfn.

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Are you going to email me or not? I will awaiting your reply if you don't want too then I will understand but if you do then that would be fine and cool with me!
Very interesting supposition. I have run into Carols also in one of the Yahoo discussion groups and he claimed to me that he has traveled to the "Montauk Prime" line. He doesn't say much, and refused reply to my last question when he replied to another topic post of mine.<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">Mr. Daniel E. Lauirer

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