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I have a problem with the bucket theory where each universe has a set mass. I think the creator of the theory might have ment a set energy level. The simple fact is that the mass of the universe is constantly changing, is it not? Every time you burn wood for fire, part of the matter is converted to energy. Even if you where able to recover all the existing matter and remake the log, it would still be lighter do to the decrease in matter, it would be only a microscopically small change but a change none the less. Thank you for your time, I do not know much but you can send your responces to [email protected].
not necissarily.
Fire is the rapid oxidation of mass creating heat an light. The mass of it is still there, just chemically changed.

On another note, I think the bucket theory is a bunch of bull.
A more apropriate analogy

If the bucket theory were true, how would they explain a matter/anti-matter reaction? The two destroy each other.
RE: A more apropriate analogy

The two destroy each other, yet we still exist.. some things aren't explained yet.
RE: A more apropriate analogy

Time02112, Pamlea M. and creedo, in the lab:

Pam;I don't like the looks of this Time02, the monitor has his heart rate dropping and he looks kind of pale?

The man in the white robe with the gem dangeling infront of his forhead steps foward.

He takes a large sized crystal out of a cloth sack from around his waist, and places it upon creedo's chest.

The gem briefly glows and it seems thart creedo rest more deeply now.

The large woman inside of the tank carefully eyes Time and Pamela, recognizing the seven foot tall man, who had produced the strange glowing crystial.

Time02112:You don't understand, this is something that he has to go through.

The mermaid in the tank knows this.This is why she is freely giving her blood to creedo, so that he can visit once more.

Pam;She scares me Gary, she so huge and those fangs that she has for supposed canines.

"Is she any danger"?

Time only looks at the skin palor of creedo as he seems to be now in another phase of reality.

The blood that flows down the I.V. drip almost has a blue cast to it and seesm to have an oily quality to it's substance.

Time02112;Their genrations go back as far as Atlantis.

The sun in a huge evening globe sets in the Gulf Of Mexico, as tropical birds chip their definace at what fruit tree belongs to who.

Time02 and Pamela walk out onto the concrete walkway, hovering above the West side of hidden Florida.

Time02;"Is that sasperilla pam"?

Pamela"Yeah' I picked up a case of it before we left for these parts, not knowing when I would see civilization again.

The big guy?Time02;You mean the Atlantian High Preist?

Pamela;Yeah' will he be coming out on the boat with us tomarrow?

Time02112;No Pam, he has other arrangments and will see us once we are there.
RE: A more apropriate analogy

Late hour briefing:

Time02112:What we've got is a lot of inteligence on creedo and this goes back to his childhood.

These films were dervied from sources that of course, wish to remane anonamous, however they are accurate.

Pam:What is this, it looks like swimming pool home videos?

Time02112:What these are are hidden camera action films of creedo in his teens.

He does not know that he is being photographed above and below the water line.

I had wanted to show the memebers of this team here, why were are undertaking this journey.

You will notice that he is starting to swim under the water from time to time.

Where he swims ontop for a while and then dives to the bottom of the pool.

He lets his chest go all the way to the very bottom surface of the pools floor

Pamela:Where are these motion picture films taken?

Time 02112:At a place called North Park, or the little Warren swimmig pool in Western Pennsylvaina.

creedo use to come here with his mother and swim later in the evening.

This swimming pool was virtually empty and had a very low attendance at this time of day.

However I had wanted to show you all the action sequence films of creedo in motion benith the water.

Pamela:He is begining to stay longer and longer under water?

Why was this in realtionship to what we are doping here?

Time02112;This has to do with a deep seated intron, or cell within the body that we thought was more dormant durring his youth.

The truth was, it was not.

Pamela;How so?

Notice the width of his feet and how easily he swims the distance of forty yards benith the pools surface?However at the end of the length of the pool, he does not rise to the surface?

Pamla:What's you point?

Time02112;Look very cloely at this film which we had enhanced?

Pamela;He's sleeping!Imean how can that be, nobody swims that kind of distance under water, and then rest benith the surface of the water??

I mean I could not have..?

Time02112;Yes this is correct, also take notice of the above pool photos?

Pamela;The life guard at first is somewhat alarmed.How-ev-er as the dates are indiciated on the film, begins to relax and take his ability to stay under the water for longer and longer periods of time.

Time02112:Look very closely at the eyes and chest of creedo.

Pamela;His,...eyes are rolling back into his head.

I don't belive this, it as if hes almost going to sleep under the water.

How can any body do this and live?
RE: A more apropriate analogy

looks like someone has a little too much time on their hands