Temporal Novice
To all concerned,

I would like someone to proove to me that time travle is possible.
if you think that you can proove to me that time travle is possible then pm me and le tmme know and lets set something up
Re: PROOF, standard protocol reply

To recient poster asking for information on time travel protocols.

To our knowlege here, time travel has already been performed.

The sources given for time travel methods and constructions are, The Steven L. Gibbs Time Travel web site, the web site, some aspects of this Time Travel web site, the Tec-time Argentina web site, which is temporarily down, till the next of this year for board inprovments web site, chronos web site.

There are apparently people in the past present and Earth's future, who are currently construcing time travel based machines, within amature standings?

These are apparently small amature sized machines, and from what I have observed, do have mechanical control problems.

The danger of operating these types of devices are two-fold.

One, there is not a time space local segrigator housed within some of these devices and by the use of some of these devices, you may end up within a parallel time line and be subjected to differing authorities?

These is also the time mass local indicators, which are a mass temprature sensor, which indicates as to whether one is re-phasing into open space, or solid materials such as stone rock and or water.

There are now at this time junction, problems stated with time travel devices.

WORDS WORDS WARNING WARNINGS>The recient asker has not filed a general statement of use, for any proposed time travel device useage.

The only school given for time travel protocols, was

This was by expert creedo299X9, which was adaptive to Pleiadean consortium protocols, that one might time travel, if they should discover time travel methods, however IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO CHANGE ALTER OR TRY TO OBFUSCATE EVENTS WITHIN THE ACT OF TIME TRAVEL, OR PARALLEL TIME TRAVEL REPHASEMENTS!

These infractions are punshable by arrest of the driver of any such time machine and or confiscation of that time machine drivers, said time travel device, by what are known as Time Travel Police.

Time travel police are known as dedicaited policemen who patrol the time travel laines and these beings might be; Grays aliens time travel police, Reptoid dedicaited time travel police, human time travel police, robotico, or androidadic time travel police.

This is the erra of which the described portalic of time travel does occur with more and more frequency.

So this station under the central command authority does have the right and offical duty, to warn every off of Earth, or Earth based time travler, concerning the dangers of time travel and the abuse of this vested gifted right.

Be warned, if you do abuse your discovered time travel devices and or privilages, you do face the possability of having this device, or yourself arrested.

This means one can not go back and change events which had happend in the past, hopeing to make a differing outcome in one's life now?!

This warning has also been given by Chronos Corperation, which is now established as an additional reference point, onluy if in theoricum, with reference to time travel use, as well as devices.

The helping founder of this web site, who inpart was Dr. Anderson, is now retired from the event of time travel exploration.

Anderson's main contribution had been, the offered scientific said as such, which is>C @ overprolate tensor, whith adjustments within strength and or lackticity of any particle matrix, over mass, in T-mass forms, causes an isolaited prolate to become transversal within its sitting to any one frequency event.

Please note with other respects, to said time travler John Titor and the said from future at this mark point G.E. Time Displacment Unit, there is now realization that a similar vehicle had been operaited within Earth's atmosphere, some said over ten years ago in time, and this event was told by witnesses.

So the telling of the Titor debicles, is not a mono-polar isolinnear theoretical, nor phylosophical event.

In others woirds, the Titor telling is now realized as a dualistic twin technolgy event, in monoploe theory.

These foundings under the script ask by the very good MOP are in line with new codes asked.

Reporting of statue of information given by Adamijin, information analyised for demographics all phase sectors, not stored, delete delete.