"The future ain't what it used to be."

Proposal for the script of TTA, turns to TT&SPs&WOFYAH.



This is a proposal for a starteling movie about a time travler from the future.

This script happens in modern 1990s Los Angeles where near a bus stop, a giant poop-hole opens up within the air.

A shimmering being that resembels a humanform constructed entirely of yellowish tapiocca, drops down and says to the lady waiting for the bus,"Hey' your hair needs done differntly and then you might get that man you've always wanted"!

This is the begining of our terror and the tapiocca man plods down the street to a resutrant he has alreay picked out.

Upon entering the resutrant, he supprises the matradee by walking through, one owner asking the other,"Should we throw him out"?No' it's just a tapiocca-like man from the future, comeing to osmose the personality of the famous TTA..."Oh", says the other resturanteer.

But "and watch that word", right before the tapiocca, oh' scratch that, the blob like guy that looks all sticky can enter the rest room, the bathroom attendant who is cleaning the floor, says, "Hey bro, like you can't go in there man, as like I'm cleanin da floor"!I mean ju like know what I mean, man....?

At this the TT&SPsWOFYAH says, "Well tell TTA I'm from the future and I'm here to osmose his a%$ and not to take too long?

The attendant on this note says, "Well you can go right in, but don't get the floor too sticky" TT&SPs&WOFYAH says, "No man like I won't, what do you think I am, some kind of slob"?

As TTA exits the stall, he sees the blob man from the future and inquires, "Like hey man' if your going to go without dateing, don't get tourque matter all over you like that, I mean this is a public resturant and all"?

"I am from the future" demands TT&SP,...oh' whatever the Hell his name is and I've come here to osmose your image, so I can do something outstandingly dumb in the past".

TTA replies, well why didn't you say so, ius this going to hurt, or something?

TT&SPs&WOFYAH exposes his glowing red electronic eye and a probe comes out of his nose, so taking a picture of the real TTA.

TTA replies in relief, "well that didn't like hurt at all, do you have to kill me now or something"?

TT&SPs,.whatever says, "No but lay on your side on the floor and I'll forget about killing you and then we can write this into the script".

TT&SP, whatever now leaves the washroom and a concerned waiter intercepts TTwhatever as he heads for the door.

Sir, sir!, you forgot to pay for your meal, could you please pay now!?

A small cheque tray is shoved towards TT,whatever and all of a sudden from the TTA resembeling all metal humaoid, an appendage rises from TTwhatever's mid section, as if it were a steel dart.

The head watier seeing that his thingy is made out of shiney metal with a dart at the end replies, "You can go, but take the cheque off your dart, for the records, the door is that way".

The real TTA now gets up off the floor and heads back to his resturant table, to his date that is ten times better looking than Jenifer Lopez.

On the way to the door, and this is not Darby Devonshire's day, TTwhatever now closes in on the back of Darby nearing the restuurant door.

Something within the mind of TTwhatever clicks and again with a rapid fire sucession, this time a more blunter apperition strikes poor Mr. Devonshire to his back side.

With all the force of a cannon blast, Darby is propelled towards thew front wondow at break-kneck speed and just before he hits the glass holding both buttox, screams the finnal words, "Oh Roy, your home from the Navy early"!!,..CRASH"

The next day, LAPD would suppose that it was the infamous Iron Dicks Gang and only chalk it up to that, instead of a TTA looking like robot guy, with a bionic schwantz.

In the desert park, in the middle desert park, sitting in agoney at a picnic bench, CAT Conner, some call her CAT croner, some CAT cruiner, well' is sitting down in her tank top shirt, thinking of the horrible future to come.

CAT mutters out,"The fruple is not written in grape"..What I mean like this is a dumb script, what the Hell are you saying?

Cat; I'm saying dumbass, that Frapple does not make an ice tea in grape"!..Well why didn't you say that before?

CAT;'I did dumbass, but you wern't listening.

He came upon her very slowly, creeping up from under the table, almost without her noticeing him.Sniff sniff, the denizen bids for the sent.

Really annoyed CAT takes the Vietnam erra Bannana, nope wrong hand, Vietnam erra knife and holds it to the throat of Creedo.

CAT;Why are you trying to sniff under my armpit?

You know Creedo, your a really sick cookie and sniffing under wimen's armpits is a very strange thing to do.

Creedo;I'm collecting armpit odors and your the third one I need to make this concnesus complete.

CAT:Your sick!Every person smells B.O. every once in a while, but not everyone collects it on paper in a diary.

You've got Pam's B.O., Clara's, now mine, what on Earth are you going to do with all that body ordor smell?

Creedo thinks ponderously and replies with great stealth, "Well it beats being lonley on Saturday night.

Oh' replies CAT, as she goes back to carving her name onto the picnic table with a dull bannana.

Frapples does not come in grape, in these parts.

Jessica Hann, James Baker and his homo? NO GAY RIGHTS, CAN'T SAY THAT.Well fag?NOPE CAN'T SAY THAT EITHER.Gay queer?NOPE.Fariee?NOPE, Well gay lover?NOW THAT'S BETTER....

Are getting ready to go at it.

James smacks Jessica accross the head and his backdoor lover looks on in discust.Jessica saying, I was expeting you to hit me, but not that hard.

SMACK:Jessica;Well'...mmmm??? a little harder.

At a distance of two hundred yards, now with her long sought after grape frapple drink at her side, CAT takes great care aiming at the wall above James and Jessica and as Marv Alpert would say, the back door man.

"KA-CHOW KA-CHOW' KA-CHOW"!! The shots ring out, as sluggs dig into the wall.

All three dive to the floor crying, it must either be the FBI, or the Branch Davidions, asking for an interview, if we come and join them?

The the door now bust TTwatever with his bionic eye all a'glow and thorws James and jessica aside, with the gay guy, or whatever the script calls for.

CAT now draws a bead on the three and says,"TTWhavetrewr says that you all must be moral and stop this nonsence??!

He is from the future and is very modern?NO YA CAN'T SAY THAT!?Advanced?BETTER WELL WRITE THAT IN.Okay..

James says to CAT, "No I don't belive you, this is all a farce".

CAT screams at TTwhatever and demands,"Show him, show them all"!

TT sheepishly replies,"Well I can't just yet, you know that's my electrronic weenie an...

CAT<"I said show him, show him your from the future, you must impress this upon them all"?

TTW"Do I have to really"?

CAT'This is written into the script, now I'm getting tired of waiting for this, show then you robotic thingy, RIGHT NOW"

All of a sudden with tremendous power a silver shaped projectivle shoots out of the zippered area of TTW's pants.

James closes his eyes, Jessica's mouth drops open,.The gay guy ask for his phone number and TTW slaps the fag!NOPE GAY RIGHTS, CAN'T SAY THAT..Well at least threatens to?OKAY THAT'S MUCH BETTER, WE DON'T WANT THE GAY COMMUNITY IN AN UPRAGE YOU KNOW?!

Jessica now says, your right lady, this man does have an electronic silver wongie-doggle..Hmm can I touch it, ask Jessica?

TTW replies"No, not on your life, this is my wholy stuffer and I'm not letting a tramp like you anywhere near it!

"Just one touch"?, ask Jessica.

CAT Instructs TTW to let her.

Kessica:Wow! it's like cold and solid metal of some kind, but even though it's big, I think I'll pass as this would get awlfully cold in the Winter!!?

END OF TICKLER:See the android from the future fight total blub, the other arch nemisis from the future, inside of the pizza factory, where his arch villan falls into a vat of spagetti dough.

See TTW learn the phrase that sweeps America, which is similar to Swarzanagger's Hasta La Vista, Instead TTW quips, "Please use your Visa".

Most people reply, :Well I carry American Express, or Master Card, but in some cases an oil club card, or Diners,...oh never mind...

Please rate what the ending of this story within your fervent imagination should be, then let us all know?

SLAP!,Owl, that hurt!!!"Creedo, quit sniffing under my armpit, would you?..You'r the worst pervert to ever haver happened to this board.

I'll be right back, "So please' use your Visa"?
You are the sickest perve on this board. If it’s not your treats, your attempt to pin false event to my name, it’s your immature tantrums. I don’t think I need to reply to you forging my name on that fantasy tale of yours. I think it exposed you more of the truth of what you truly are, then by me replying would


You continue to drift aimlessly in a sea of delusions and willful ignorance while desperately clinging to your over active libido to give a false sense of buoyancy to your sinking mind!

I'll also have you know pertaining to your posting above, your remote viewing skills are compaired to a windshield wiper on a goats @ss!