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Pseudo-creators prepare CONTROL CHIPS FOR PEOPLE – component of the Full negative status - WARNING !




1179. Pseudo-creators prepare CONTROL CHIPS FOR PEOPLE – component of the Full negative status !!!

(extract from the Medium magazine – October 2000)

Companies producing microchip cards explain in their advertising campaigns, that these are much better than the cash, because people do not have to care for having enough money, coins etc. ATTENTION! THIS IS JUST A TRAP! Once the microchip cards will become so common, that they totally displace the cash in the market, they will become THE EXCLUSIVE MEAN OF EXCHANGE. However this will only be valid, until they will be replaced by the final solution: MICROCHIPS IN THE MAN’S BODY, implanted usually under the skin on the hand or on the forehead.

Publicist Alan Pilote expresses this warning in the French periodic Vers Demian and he further discusses the problem of microchips and the MAN’S FREEDOM.

The cards with microchips will lead to the control over every person in the world. They will represent the last phase before the MICROCHIP IMPLANTATION on the body under the skin, the ”beast” mark. Without this sign it will be impossible to sell or buy anything. If everything will continue according to the plan of the international financial magnates (the main controlling agents of the negative status on the planet Earth – remark of the editor), cash, i.e. notes and coins will totally disappear in a relatively short period from the market. They will be replaced by ”electronic money”, in the first phase based on the credit cards’ microchip, later on in a short timeframe they will be replaced by the microchip itself, implanted under the skin, likely on the right hand ( this is usually the writing hand – possibility to control and monitor writing - remark of the editor).

This is not a fantasy! This technology has been already tested on animals many times and it appears that everything is prepared to its accomplishment directly on a man. Why are the financial bosses of the world so interested in this system? Because IT ALLOWS TO ESTABLISH A TOTAL CONTROL OVER THE PEOPLE! These financial bosses (puppets of the saurians - remark of the editor), blinded by THEIR POWER-CONSCIOUSNESS, are convinced, that ONLY THEY ARE ABLE TO LEAD THE MANKIND IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY. They are aware of the fact that people will not be willing to give-up the possibility to trade in cash just easily. However in the situation of the threat of the worldwide financial crash, the financial bosses will be able to convince people, that the only possibility which will rescue them from loosing everything, is the MICROCHIP.

How does the microchip for implantation look like? Unlike the credit cards, no personal code is needed, no confirmation about the cash balance from the bank. Microchip cards containing electronic information, immediately provide all requested data, they can store by 500 more information than the current cards. The leading company producing microchip cards is Mondex. Half of its shares is owned by MasterCard. Using these cards it is possible to transmit information by the Mondex telephone machines or by specially equipped computer. Mondex microchip cards are already used in 20 countries and it is expected that the European union will apply this system in combination with the common currency introduction.

It is already possible to use a personal computer as a ”bank counter”, allowing to perform all requested financial transactions directly using the screen. Microsoft announced recently, that since 1999 all computers will be equipped by the tools for using microchip cards.

However because microchip cards can be stolen, damaged or lost, people will be SUGGESTIVELY CONVINCED, that the IMPLANTATION of such a MICROCHIP will be much more practical and better. The microchip will not be in the plastic card any more, but it will be implanted directly ON THE MAN’S BODY. It will not be used for financial purposes only, but at the same time for IDENTIFICATION OF EVERY INDIVIDUAL PERSON. For example using the satellite or antenna transmission devices, it will always be under control, WHERE any person is at this particular moment. Something similar is already planned to be implemented in some European towns for the mandatory registration of the dogs. The official reasoning is a possibility to easily find the lost or strayed animal, in reality the town officials want to make sure that nobody can escape from paying fees for the dog.

For the implantation under the man’s skin many microchips were produced. Their size is from 5 to 7 mm in length and 0.75 mm in breadth, this can be approximately compared to a rice grain. In the microchip the following main information are stored: NAME OF THE PERSON, PICTURE OF HIS/HER FACE, INSURANCE NUMBER AND CODE, FINGERPRINT, PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION, FAMILY GENEALOGY, ADDRESS, JOB POSITION AND THE EXCERPT FROM THE CRIME REGISTER. The card can store up to 34 BILLIONS COMBINATIONS, so IT CAN IDENTIFY EVERY INDIVIDUAL TERRESTRIAL. It means, that such a microchip will replace all other current identification documents (identity card, insurance certificate and many others). The person not having such a document on him/her, would not be able to buy anything, but more than this – he/she could not receive salary, pension, manipulate with the money in the bank, travel etc.

Microchip is equipped by auto-charging lithium battery. The requirement to give a signal whenever the temperature of the man’s body changes led to a expensive research with the aim to identify the most appropriate position on the man’s body for the microchip placement. Two places were identified – on the forehead close to the hair and on the ridge of the right hand. This fact reminds us strongly about the passage from the Saint John’s Revelation:

”And (the beast) will force everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name (666).”

So far it was not possible to understand this Saint John’s forecast. Now with the microchip implanted under the skin it is already possible! At first glance such a microchip on the hand can be seen as a big simplification, as a big advantage for everyone. However as Saint John writes in the Revelation, a man to be able to receive the mark has to give up Christ and swear the loyalty to the Anti-Christ (pseudo-creators – remark of the editor). And what is represented by Christ? Of course, the MAIN COSMIC AND NATURAL RULES and part of them is also the FREEDOM, which the individual will for sure LOOSE in the subordination to the human ruling and grasping power.

Microchips will be through the satellite or antenna transmission devices connected to the CENTRAL COMPUTER with gigantic memory. There is a computer working already for more than 10 years in Brussels, which is able to register 2 billions numerical data. It is likely that this computer is being equipped and prepared to store data about people associated with various industries. Even bigger ”computer storage” has a super-computer in Luxembourg. This computer is able to store and utilize information about all inhabitants of the Earth.

It appears that under conditions described above the GENERAL ”CONNECTION” OF THE EARTH’S INHABITANTS TO THE COMPUTER MEMORY will be done, which in principle is already the ORWELL’S TOTALITARIANISM. Selected individuals will be able to immediately block the bank account of any person, stop him/her using the phone, travelling or buying the travel ticket etc. We can hardly imagine what would happen in case of the central computer breakdown. And on top of it, what is most important, it is just a step from here to CONTROL OF PEOPLE FROM ANY POINT OF VIEW - based on their behavior or their stay in a particular location. It can ultimately lead to the monitoring of their psychical reactions, so in principle to THE CONTROL OF THEIR THOUGHTS.


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Where did you say I could get MY chip from?
They can't do this to me! I want my freedom
and I'll take the good ol green fashioned money
and coins thank you!

>1179. Pseudo-creators prepare CONTROL CHIPS FOR
>PEOPLE – component of the
>Full negative status !!!
>(extract from the Medium magazine –
>October 2000)
>Companies producing microchip cards explain in
>their advertising campaigns, that these
>are much better than the
>cash, because people do not
>have to care for having
>enough money, coins etc. ATTENTION!
>Once the microchip cards will
>become so common, that they
>totally displace the cash in
>the market, they will become
>However this will only be
>valid, until they will be
>replaced by the final solution:
>implanted usually under the skin
>on the hand or on
>the forehead.
>Publicist Alan Pilote expresses this warning
>in the French periodic Vers
>Demian and he further discusses
>the problem of microchips and
>The cards with microchips will lead
>to the control over every
>person in the world. They
>will represent the last phase
>the body under the skin,
>the ”beast” mark. Without this
>sign it will be impossible
>to sell or buy anything.
>If everything will continue according
>to the plan of the
>international financial magnates (the main
>controlling agents of the negative
>status on the planet Earth
>– remark of the editor),
>cash, i.e. notes and coins
>will totally disappear in a
>relatively short period from the
>market. They will be replaced
>by ”electronic money”, in the
>first phase based on the
>credit cards’ microchip, later on
>in a short timeframe they
>will be replaced by the
>microchip itself, implanted under the
>skin, likely on the right
>hand ( this is usually
>the writing hand – possibility
>to control and monitor writing
>- remark of the editor).
>This is not a fantasy! This
>technology has been already tested
>on animals many times and
>it appears that everything is
>prepared to its accomplishment directly
>on a man. Why are
>the financial bosses of the
>world so interested in this
>system? Because IT ALLOWS TO
>THE PEOPLE! These financial bosses
>(puppets of the saurians -
>remark of the editor), blinded
>are aware of the fact
>that people will not be
>willing to give-up the possibility
>to trade in cash just
>easily. However in the situation
>of the threat of the
>worldwide financial crash, the financial
>bosses will be able to
>convince people, that the only
>possibility which will rescue them
>from loosing everything, is the
>How does the microchip for implantation
>look like? Unlike the credit
>cards, no personal code is
>needed, no confirmation about the
>cash balance from the bank.
>Microchip cards containing electronic information,
>immediately provide all requested data,
>they can store by 500
>more information than the current
>cards. The leading company producing
>microchip cards is Mondex. Half
>of its shares is owned
>by MasterCard. Using these cards
>it is possible to transmit
>information by the Mondex telephone
>machines or by specially equipped
>computer. Mondex microchip cards are
>already used in 20 countries
>and it is expected that
>the European union will apply
>this system in combination with
>the common currency introduction.
>It is already possible to use
>a personal computer as a
>”bank counter”, allowing to perform
>all requested financial transactions directly
>using the screen. Microsoft announced
>recently, that since 1999 all
>computers will be equipped by
>the tools for using microchip
>However because microchip cards can be
>stolen, damaged or lost, people
>the IMPLANTATION of such a
>MICROCHIP will be much more
>practical and better. The microchip
>will not be in the
>plastic card any more, but
>it will be implanted directly
>will not be used for
>financial purposes only, but at
>the same time for IDENTIFICATION
>example using the satellite or
>antenna transmission devices, it will
>always be under control, WHERE
>any person is at this
>particular moment. Something similar is
>already planned to be implemented
>in some European towns for
>the mandatory registration of the
>dogs. The official reasoning is
>a possibility to easily find
>the lost or strayed animal,
>in reality the town officials
>want to make sure that
>nobody can escape from paying
>fees for the dog.
>For the implantation under the man’s
>skin many microchips were produced.
>Their size is from 5
>to 7 mm in length
>and 0.75 mm in breadth,
>this can be approximately compared
>to a rice grain. In
>the microchip the following main
>information are stored: NAME OF
>The card can store up
>TERRESTRIAL. It means, that such
>a microchip will replace all
>other current identification documents (identity
>card, insurance certificate and many
>others). The person not having
>such a document on him/her,
>would not be able to
>buy anything, but more than
>this – he/she could not
>receive salary, pension, manipulate with
>the money in the bank,
>travel etc.
>Microchip is equipped by auto-charging lithium
>battery. The requirement to give
>a signal whenever the temperature
>of the man’s body changes
>led to a expensive research
>with the aim to identify
>the most appropriate position on
>the man’s body for the
>microchip placement. Two places were
>identified – on the forehead
>close to the hair and
>on the ridge of the
>right hand. This fact reminds
>us strongly about the passage
>from the Saint John’s Revelation:
>”And (the beast) will force everyone,
>small and great, rich and
>poor, free and slave, to
>receive a mark on his
>right hand or on his
>forehead, so that no one
>could buy or sell unless
>he had the mark or
>the name of the beast
>or the number of his
>name (666).”
>So far it was not possible
>to understand this Saint John’s
>forecast. Now with the microchip
>implanted under the skin it
>is already possible! At first
>glance such a microchip on
>the hand can be seen
>as a big simplification, as
>a big advantage for everyone.
>However as Saint John writes
>in the Revelation, a man
>to be able to receive
>the mark has to give
>up Christ and swear the
>loyalty to the Anti-Christ (pseudo-creators
>– remark of the editor).
>And what is represented by
>Christ? Of course, the MAIN
>part of them is also
>the FREEDOM, which the individual
>will for sure LOOSE in
>the subordination to the human
>ruling and grasping power.
>Microchips will be through the satellite
>or antenna transmission devices connected
>gigantic memory. There is a
>computer working already for more
>than 10 years in Brussels,
>which is able to register
>2 billions numerical data. It
>is likely that this computer
>is being equipped and prepared
>to store data about people
>associated with various industries. Even
>bigger ”computer storage” has a
>super-computer in Luxembourg. This computer
>is able to store and
>utilize information about all inhabitants
>of the Earth.
>It appears that under conditions described
>COMPUTER MEMORY will be done,
>which in principle is already
>the ORWELL’S TOTALITARIANISM. Selected individuals
>will be able to immediately
>block the bank account of
>any person, stop him/her using
>the phone, travelling or buying
>the travel ticket etc. We
>can hardly imagine what would
>happen in case of the
>central computer breakdown. And on
>top of it, what is
>most important, it is just
>a step from here to
>POINT OF VIEW - based
>on their behavior or their
>stay in a particular location.
>It can ultimately lead to
>the monitoring of their psychical
>reactions, so in principle to
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fluffyartbird, I think that you take things around here with too much seriousness, if you know what I mean

Sorry Universe People, it doesn't cut any mustard with me either. The whole chip thing is just another smokescreen for the real thing. Receiving anything in the forehead(you understand the pineal gland thing) means accepting something into your mind and incorporating it into your belief system. Taking the mark into your hand means taking it and running with it. Remember, this is supposed to be a delusion coming on the world--not something as obvious as this. I've read the whole Celestine Prophecy thing and the Tenth Insight and it is more like the Tenth Delusion. Just another way of saying look to your inward self to get the answers. The whole Universe People site is endless ranting and raving complexity to doubt your own sanity. As far as the texemarrs site, it's more of the bogeyman stuff--even if much of it is true. Both sites just drag you down into the muck in the name of warning people about upcoming events. The exposure of evil always comes about by stating the truth. Endless exposing never brings you closer to the truth. It just keeps your mind on the error. The whole object of the grand delusion is to keep your mind on Satanic doings and missing the gentle rain falling all around you.
Hi Sonofbabylon,

I've read both books on the Celestine Prophecy and I have come to the same conclusion and perspective on it as you. Yes, it spells Time Travel as It engulfes this New Age Agenda into sweeping and gathering our souls when they have matured to the perfect frequency escaping us into another dimentional realm thought to be Heaven! But its more like another realm of slavery!

This whole deception is a mockery of the rapture!