Temporal Novice

It has been shown that the Creative Life in the Infinite Self is identical in nature to that in man, the only difference being in degree.

The degree of Self-Conscious Creative Life upon the earth is in exact correspondence to the vibration of the modification of the non-Self-Conscious Life Substance in which it manifests, being transformed down through several media or states in the formation of the Cosmos.

The similarity is seen in electricity. The electric current that leave the power house at a tremendous voltage is transformed down as it passes through the various sub-stations or transformers until it reaches the degree necessary to be used in a 250 volt lamp or motor. It will be observed that it is the same current of electricity that left the power house, the only difference is in degree. This helps us to understand what these Cosmic operators are trying to show us, that the Creative Life of the Infinite Self is identical in nature in the finite self, the only difference is in degree, proving the inseparable eternal link we have with our Father-Mother-God, the Supreme Power in the Universe.

In seeking to understand our place in the Universe, we realize the necessity of a fundamental unity relating man with the Universe as an integral unit of that Universe, and we find the solution we seek in the Divine Immanence and transcendence of the Universal Divine Creation of Life of the Infinite God, which must of necessity include man, otherwise the Infinite could not be Infinite.

In the past this solution carried with it an inherent paradox, that being: If the Divine is immanent in man, why is man not aware of it?

The limitation in finite cognition in many seekers had led to doubts and theories of the Universe as merely mechanical, eternally undergoing mechanical change. Others are repelled because the demand of their heart is for a personal God, and others again prefer to consider that God had only one son and does not incarnate His Life in all Him other children.

In studying the religions and systems of philosophy current on this earth, it is the limited individual intelligence that judges and decides what particular system he or she will identify themselves with.

This is conditioned by temperamental emotion and feeling, by heredity and by the influence of environment, consequently, we see the many different views on religion and philosophy, while the real knowledge is rejected, as it was two thousand years ago, when the man of Galilee trod the earth. The reality of his teaching has been submerged by sanctimonious formalities, with the result that man is still ignorant of the message he brought to the world.

We know that man does not originate his own life, he does not built up his own organism; that is done for him. The inflow of life that then occur does not cease at birth but continues and builds up the organism and continues till death and after.

It will be realized that the Immanence of the Divine Life in man, living and knowing through him, demonstrates the invincible immortality of man, and as there is only one and there can only be one creative mind, and this pervades all boundless space in which we can move and have our being, there is no possibility of the particle of life being separate from the whole.

It has already been made clear to us that the "ether" or Universal Mind, or the ever-present Intelligence, is acted upon by the Creative Power of the Self-Conscious Infinite Self by means of Its thought or awareness. This Intelligence is the basis of all things but is not everywhere acted upon by the Creative Principle, and this is what is called "The Infinite in repose." The Universe in which we live is therefore the Creative Principle of the Infinite Mind in action, and where there is action there must be the Creative Principle underlying it.

We must not fail to observe two great facts, viz:

I That the Universe is created by the very same principle that exists in man, the only difference being in degree;

II That the Universal Mind is Spirit, active and passive, the Creative Principle acting upon the Intelligence or passive phase. So Spirit makes things by becoming the things it makes.

As Substance is found to be energy, and energy in its final analysis becomes Intelligence, then the thought of the Creative Principle turns this Substance into things. That is why all things must be Spirit in manifestation, according to the vibration of the degree of the Creative Life animating the manifestation. The Word was with God, the Word was God and the Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us.

This should clarify our minds as to the part we play in the Divine plan, for if Spirit produces a world and flesh by becoming the world and flesh then we produce the things we desire by the same Creative Power. When we deeply discern the true meaning of this we will realize that we assimilate the things about us according to our predominant thoughts. If we are ignorant of this fact we find ourselves surrounded by conditions the cause of which we are unaware, and this causes us fear, apprehension, confusion and sorrow. Yet with the ultimate power within us, when carried to its highest degree of what we are capable of through understanding, we can virtually create out of the Universal Substance about us. It was by this means that Jesus materialized from the atmosphere the bread and fish to feed the multitude.

If we can not at present use the full power of the Son of God, even so, by our enlightened consciousness we can at least expect our bodies to yield to our Divine aspiration to produce what is within in the outer, and that our environment will reflect the mental attitudes we hold, "and to as many as" receive, to them gives He power to become the Sons of God in very truth and understanding."

This brings us to the point where we have to choose between superficialities and realities. In everything these two exist; one is, and the other is of our own making, and it is essential for us who are gaining the power of the Creative Principle through understanding, to be ever watchful until that time comes when we will act automatically in accordance with the Divine, pure action that is of the Life itself - the reality within us.

If we live in a state of separation we have reactions to things external to ourselves; when we act from Life we have no such reaction for then our reaction is pure action. If you are still living in separation then you will have continued reactions, and you should know whether by now you are living in separation or you are moving towards the unity which is real.

Pure action is spontaneous and acts from the Life within, always going outwards. I have mentioned this before to you. I have noted that some have not quite grasped the true significance of this perfect living. Some react to conditions and circumstances that sometimes pains me, yet nevertheless I can see how you are making the effort to sustain that true expression that comes only through experience. As you have these experiences you begin to see how superficial you are, and by the continual effort you are making, freedom will come, for freedom only comes through experience when we note these experiences and understand them.

Take criticism for instance, criticism is only of value insofar as it trains your observation so that is can eventually be turned upon yourself; that is the real purpose of criticism. The superficial is when you criticize others and are blind to your own weakness. Robert Burns said, "God knows I am no the thing I should be, nor am I even the thing I could be."

I remember when at one time I criticized others, but when I turned that criticism upon myself I could see that which I criticized outside myself remained in my own heart and mind. The moment I saw this I began to grow and I began to destroy the superficial. Most criticism is dependent upon the personal, on moods, circumstances and limitations. As you gradually free yourself from the personal and superficial elements, the essential and real will be your guide. The moment you enter into reality you are at peace with the Universe and you become a power that shall purge the world of all its unnecessary, stupid, childish things. When once you have grasped the reality, that fundamental principle of being, when once you have come to an understanding of it through impersonal criticism and examination, discovering your actions and reactions, discerning them impersonally, then through your own efforts you will dissipate the darkness that I call the superficial, the unessential.

I am endeavoring to describe reality even though it is indescribable.

In the first place you must get rid of the personal element of moods, likes and dislikes. You can not do this just by merely skimming the surface but by careful impersonal examination and discernment. When you have seen these superficial and non-essential things in the Life you will begin to discover you, yourself, that central reality which no changing mood or environment can ever disturb.

Each one of you is either contributing to the growing sorrows of others and the world in general by lack of discernment of your moods and reactions or you can diminish them by observation and reflection, by kindliness. But this can only be done through your individual effort, by noting your moods and feelings, being ever watchful that your moods, words, criticism, antagonisms and transmuted and dissolved by affection that becomes spontaneous through self realization. It is only through this pure action that lasting happiness comes.

You must not approach this in the sense of possession, nor in the state of rivalry as to who understands more and who understands less. There is often antagonism between individuals approaching the same truth. The Truth must become the dominant factor, not individuals; reality must become a living, perceptible, enthusiastic realization of itself in activity through conduct. In this way you do not lose yourself in theories or philosophies but you are all the time translating your understanding and affection into daily action.

You are not judged by your religion or philosophy buy by what you are, by the manner in which you treat others, the manner of your friendship, the manner of your help under all circumstances, and not what you hold intellectually as your philosophy. It is not what you know that counts, but what you are. turn your affection towards the Living Reality which abides in every other individual as well as yourself, then you will cease to criticize the inessentials, cease to be antagonistic, and instead of being a barrier to others you will become their guide, philosopher and friend. The Reality within you will be translated into pure action and the joy of living.

Thus all conduct will ultimately lead to that Pure Being, so that the question may not only be what is ultimate Reality, but the practice of translating that reality into conduct.

In other words we must not lose ourselves in the discussion of the Reality, in questioning something which can only be realized by oneself through perception, discernment and effort, otherwise we will be discerning the absolute without any value to our practical life. Seek to do good for good's sake, not for vanity or selfish ends. Pure action is spontaneous, it never seeks anything in return. It is the river of Life that flows eternally from the Font of God. "As much as ye have done unto one of these so have ye done unto me." St. John.

James 2; 2-4. "Suppose there comes into your meeting a man who wears gold rings and handsome clothes, and also a poor man in dirty clothes; if you attend to the wearer of the handsome clothes and say to him , 'Sit here, this is a good place,' and tell the poor man, 'You can stand,' or 'Sit there at my feet,' are you not drawing distinctions in your minds and proving that you judge people with partiality?"

James 3; 9-13, 17-18: "With the tongue we bless the Lord and Father, and with the tongue we curse men made in God's own likeness; blessing and cursing stream from the same lips! My brothers, this ought not to be. Does a fountain pour out fresh water and brackish from the same hole? Can a fig tree, my brothers, bear olives? Or a vine, figs? No more can salt water yield fresh."

"Who among you is wise and learned? Let him show by his good conduct, with the humble modesty of wisdom, what his deeds are."

"The wisdom from above is first of all pure, then peaceable, forbearing, conciliatory, full of mercy and wholesome fruit, unambiguous, straightforward; and the peacemakers who sow in peace reap righteousness."