"The future ain't what it used to be."



Heres a new time machine idea.The Quantum Time MachineIt involves quantum entanglement, the Bose Einstein Condenstate and Kip Thorne's (CalTech) black hole time machine.In papers such as the DHR , kaons were sent in opposite directions, when one was blocked by a copper block the other kaon travelling in the opposite direction instantly showed a change at faster than light speed.The pair are somehow connected.In a BEC atoms are cooled in a gas, and by using lasers of specific color so that they stop moving.In K.T's BH TM one end is taken on a relativistic trip across the cosmos experiencing a time distortion.In theory, when they are brought back together anyone or thing entering one end will exit the other into a different time.There are many question:Do 'atoms' in a BEC experience t distortion?Does 'stopping' motion, equal stopping or slowing of time? If time and matter are connected , as in spacetime, this could be the case.Can particles be stopped in a BEC?Kaons:Have a very short life, John Cramer of Alternate View (28) suggests that taken on a relativistic ride kaons will have an extended lifetime of years, not nano seconds (ns).*After this relativistic trip in a neutral accelerator,a pair could be captured, and one simple contained as the other is subjected to a type of BEC causing it to experience t distortion.Once you have a pair , one older and one younger, the younger one can be watched for a change and the time marked if/when one occurs.THEN the older one can be released to collide with the copper block.If this can be accomplished, many more tests can be preformed to determine the t dilation.After that its simply a matter of using more pairs of this type along with supercomputers and timing their arrival at specific ns with a pre-arranged 'code book'. A simple code such as a-z + 0-9 based on the time of arrival of each signal could be created.Each ns after a certain hour would represent a specific figure.Example:If I call you at 12:00 letting the phone ring once it means 'A'.At 12:01 it means 'B'. ETC.You receive a ring at 12:08 , it means 'H'.The next ring comes after the next hour, meaning its the next letter. The phone rings at 1:09, it means 'I'.There are no more signals during the next hour, meaning the message is complete.The message sent back through time is: HiIf this were done in ns, this entire post could be sent and received and decoded before you could finish reading it.It would only be a matter of work to send actual video and audio feed from the future into the past.-Comments?
Re: QTM, Hey Tes.....

Into the jaws of death rode six.............

I had visited Anomalies.net in TT at the behest of Rick D.

Only to say hi and make social salutations.

Not recieved well by one of more of the MOPs?

Anyway, the FTL communications does encounter what you are saying here.

You have to look for this one and the toppic is archival, however FTL com?...Mmmmmm is in the files.

Was intrested in Carlos X and Stargates made by anybody.

They are it seems, worried about whoever might be a disruptor, comeing out, concerning the national statement. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Stargates by Gibbs a or anyonme else.

How do you affix the recieving local to anyone else's sending unit?

Know that this is not FTL bound, however Carlos or someone similar to him?

When you take the podium, bend down the mike a little.Talk over the heads of the audiance, but talk directly to them, as if your talking to one particular person.


I am sure that you precieve the scope of where you are posting, or any said or read data base or what is or has even gone on?

On time cops as well as time travlers, the time cops find you.

As for the time travlers, they like to be excluded from discovery, in reference to technical reasons pertaining to what the are doing.

So discovery, most of the time is neither a likley or desirable option?

but if i write the letter to my furture son's , ( the letter say : if you lot may be to do time cops or time traveler ,pls come back to find me and let me back to what time i want !) when my furture may be not to do times cops or time traveler , but my son will have his son's , when they (many furture son's)look this letter , will come back to find me or not ?
Re:Cani this is a scheme:

To Cani, note this infomation bought foward was posted on a certain web site and involves a documant based to relatives of the future.

There lies the problem with past contactitures of any relative, that future patterns of intent may be altered.

The information you have brought foward here, deals with racemose and double-racemose time pattern theories//End discloseure

If done you might or might not recieve a contact from futurte visitors, via already established document.

See phenominon, known as time streams.
Materials disclosure to student at TTI

Required datas disclosures of materials from teacher to student at TTI follows as this tally.

Remnant telling of royality contacts, within similarities to past royality figure, non-time-localed basis.

Second subject told of, subject which may have had Druidic social folds.

((Source source>>Liza Given's show raido, Eye On Hollywood, past tellings of man who channeled Star Wars, first edisode//not known, how Lucas et al. also produced same story line?>)

Social intercourse, toppic of telling of interaction realtings.(social intercourse, ie intereactions in the meeting of being to being eg, to talk as well as intereact).

Toppics content two meeting with female subjects on same day, discussions of parfume oders body sprays, second subject discussions of music.>>Means saleswoman based displays.

>Recurent pattern in probability based from former life, at meetinmg these indivduals again, even though their current values and or determinate stations have changed within new lives?NOT SOCIOPATH OR SOCIOPATHIC

Both tellings were social proper, with manners told.

Orthagrpahical views were, one former princess, second subject female, relaited to possable magician.

Twin high place figures, interact with teacher, as teacher himself was probably past royality figure?

Orthgraphical views, for players of possable Princess line of Princess Leaha.

Second was mage daughter based also in high standings, magician's ville, Nordics.

This meeting might have been augmented to not to teacher's knowlege?

To student of TTI, shared knowlege of beings out of set of space exploration known, for established social heiarchial Earth.

Required telling via laws of overcentralization, also being looked upon a death sentance for closed society.

Utility derived by student, not known at this time, or even projected?

Required required required, words, laws in line with social contact protocols, Earth, proper contact manifolds.

Thank you, sealed status, privacy act djb djb