Quantum Teleporation ?!

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Hi Lee and Co. It's good to be back!

Pete and I have teamed up, as we can't decide who is the brainer. :-)lol.

You may like to look at these links, about "Quantum Teleportation". If this could work, maybe it can teleport matter, but teleporting our whole bodies to another location render us able to see what is at that new location, I mean we need to obtain and keep our metaphysical conscience, would that be included in the teleportation? Is our conscience essentially PHYSICAL, contained within our brains? Is the universe we see all a figment of our conscience? We think so. Anyway have a look at these pages, some interesting "Physics".

(these pages are nothiong to do with us, we just found them on the net)



These should be a pic here:

<a href="http://www.sciam.com/explorations/122297teleport/IMG/test.gif">

See ya

PP & Peter J. Attwood

P.S. what's happened to "SimonB" ?