Question and a thought


Temporal Novice
hello, first i will introduce myself--i am Parker and i live in Atlanta GA. i can see why people would believe or disbelieve john titron-i am not a jt (john titron) fanatic or anything.

I have been reading all the information i can gather about john titron for a few weeks now. I have read a few things on this forum. I do have a question which i cannot seem to find the answer.

1)has jt indicated whether our civil war be a battle between brother against brother (like the first one)? the reason i ask this is because i read an article for school about personal liberties ect... and my friend said "i cant believe people actually belive this stuff" and i realized i agreed with everything the senator said in the article about some liberties being more important that safety.

and i also would like to add this thought. I have seen numerous times where jt compares pearl harbor to y2k. i have also seen people argue that we prepared for y2k 2 years before the roll over--i looked through an old post of jt's and it said he would be making a stop in 1998 before his return-2 years before y2k would start. this would not only validate statements made/heard that a "crazy man claiming to be a time traveler" could be true.

thanks for your time