"The future ain't what it used to be."



Question 1.....Ok, if you invented a time machine and go back through time and do something that destroys your future (so bad that you were never born), what happens? If you were never born you would not be able to make a time machine to travel back through time.....

Question 2.....Do you think that when and if a time machine is invented, some goof-ball will travel back through time to be the person that invented the time machine first?

I personaly dont belive actual time travel is possible, however the "Multipal Worlds" theory sounds more credable
good point.

You brought up the light paradox. If you travel back in time to turn off a light, and you turn it off, then why would you travel back in the first place? The light is already turned off, so that means you wouldnt go back and turn it off, so that means it will be on...

Anyway, I think that it could have happened. Remember the big bang? Well, what if someone punctured space and time in the exact location the universe originated from, and it sucked the entire universe back in time, exploding outward billions of years ago to form us, and thereby letting us suck the universe back in time...