"The future ain't what it used to be."




If a person could travel through time, say to the past, could that person do nothing all year then use the time travel method to do a years work in a day. What I cant grasp is if I were to travel from now 23.5.99 9.00pm to say 2.2.99 and return to 23.5.99 9.01pm after doing my work, the 23.5.99 9.00pm-9.01pm time slot would then always be full wouldnt it, OR could it be used again?
I think this is the same point I tried to make in a post further down to SimonB regarding the causal loop problem in linear time travel concepts.

You just did it with far fewer words.

You've nailed the fact that such endeavours are paradoxical in themselves. You don't have to think up paradoxes for this kind of time travel. It already IS a paradox.