"The future ain't what it used to be."



if you send an object say five minutes into the future to the same place that you are now, will it just appear(in five minutes) right then and there or will it be in a whole nother parrallel universe all together?
in theory it will be replaced by the space that you have sent it to when it returns in five minutes then the object will replace the space that you have moved to that spot
Neither time nor demensions are linear. We are not advanced enough to understand the special laws that govern these things. We are messing with them now but don't know the rules yet. Remembet the elevator on the Enterprise on Star Trek? It went up down and sideways. Put a caveman in there that wants to go down and he'll push a button-go sideways, step out and THINK he went down. That's the stage we're at now.
If you send an object into the future and someone at that future time happens to see it materialize right in front of him, he would probably have a heart attack. If that person is standing in the same spot at where the object materializes, he is a dead duck.
I agree with Jim. although he might not be a dead duck. he will have the object fused as a permanent part of his foot. welll...thats if it is little....If It's BIG-...............well.. then he's a dead duck.
Also, if you send an object into the future, you have know where and when you're sending it. The earth is in constant motion: here today is gone tomorrow. The object will materialize where the earth was in our present rather than where it is at the target future time. The object (or person) might materialize in deep space. If there are time fluctuations in the universe, then maybe there is no time like the present. We could miss the target future time by days or centuries.
sending objects into the future will probably become an art form but if you think about it most programs will have safety features that will prevent "accidents"
like fusing with things and people. i think most (i stress most) of us have learned from the mistakes of our past teachers
Learning from past mistakes is what they'll say about us 100 years from now. Somewhere right now there is probably some poor schmuck having his atoms scattered for science. Alas learning from mistakes is a never ending process.
To Mokrie dela:
Do you think they will ever get that transporter tube working right? how many peoples scattered atoms are there in the world that they couldnt put back together?
just a thought..................
that elevator moves up and down and side to side and also turns you upside down thats the worst part. while you float in the middle.
do I know about it? no.....it was just all a dream....all a dream.

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Hey Pam; Your comment made me think of the movie the Fly. Haven't you ever seen someone in a restaurant sucking up a sweet desert and wondered what they were melded with? As for people being fused together if a time surfer appears in a space already being used, well it could be very amusing if you think of double all body parts. I can see a comedy sci fi movie in the making!
hehehehheeh. your comment made me laugh.
Your pretty funny.

Yeah........I could picture that! eeeeww! kinda be like simese twins huh? except they would be hooked everywhere. nay...wouldnt work...it would die.
simese twins grow together in the womb creating neural pathways and arterial blood flows but if something was just melded together it would be a mess...no neural pathways...no even bloodflow..nothing in sync flowing together. no cellular pathways..etc. it couldnt live for long, it probably couldnt even take a breath. it couldnt function at all.

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Pam- Your right, UNLESS everything doubled in size to correct the assembly! A big brain with 4 lobes, huge ears etc. Then add A huge torso with 4 arms and 4 legs. Quick, call the men in black! Of cource this is rediculous but ya gotta lighten it up sometimes or you get a headache!
If time traveling is being done from the future, then we'll have to learn from future mistakes. It does seem that some of the strange artifacts people find might come from another time frame. The workmanship is to exact to be from the past and some of it is tough to duplicate even with current technology.
Speaking of out of time artifacts, I have this book that had some interesting pictures of some of them. A sparkplug like device was dated to be a few dozen million years old. Not only that, but human-like footprints were discovered as well. Some have turned out to be hoaxes, but many are still unexplained.

These ones were barefoot and huge. An early bigfoot?

But there was one I've always been interested in. A fossil of a shoeprint had been found, crushing a trilobite. (Ancient water bug thing) Perhaps an angry time traveller stuck in the past, taking it out on a poor trilobite?
P.S. Modern human skeletons have also been found, dating back hundreds of millions of years. Unlucky TT vacationers?
I heard about the skeletons. they had also dug up skeletons buried together that had different jaw and skull structures and were once thought to be in different evolutionary stages of man and yet there they were three types all buried together.
most of the stuff is fascinating to say the least. They found a mummy that was really old - hundreds of thousands -before they thought silk was invented and yet there it was with golden silk threads.(I beleive this article was in Discover magazine) ancient indian and ancient text reveals strange stories to either suggest other visitors from other times or that we were once advanced before.
alot of stuff doesnt add up.
heres something that will really send you thinking:
say a timetraveler from our time goes back and does some genetic experiences with apes and creates half ape -half man. and leaves the offspring there. and because of that the whole time we were taught we came from apes. not that I beleive this at all..but
how can we really be sure of the truth?
what if we were more beautiful than what we are now? what if we fell in our nature?
It is as the one guy said you would never know really if time was being messed with because it would only exist in dejavu and possibly dreams.you would only know the results after the fact and that would be your only memory...only the timetraveler would know both memories. if somebody was changing time how would you know?

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Here's an amusing thought. What if we went time surfing and met other travelers from amore distant future then us and they are the purest and highest species of all.....cockroaches. By the way, very few of us has really answered the origional question. We are so easily side tracked, yes?
What you're all forgetting with this talk about 'fusing' is that no matter where on Earth you send something, it's going to have to displace air. Most likely, it would make a loud pop when it disappeared and make some kind of explosion when it reappeared. But the problem with this kind of time travel is that the object hasn't travelled the intervening 5 minutes of time. You can't do this with space - even using wormholes you have to travel some space. Why would time be any different?