"The future ain't what it used to be."

Questions & comment: T or F ?



Several experiments took place with an aircraft going at high speed. When it got back short time was ahead. They were tested by two atomic clocks, one on the craft and the other down the surface. Then it's evidence, going to the future is possible. Unless this is not true, but if it is why this discussion? The question now is how to proceed. For now only a laser can perform it. Where does it go, back or forth? How could course be controlled? During journey, do we become "eternal" like god while the world is moving normally? Concluding: It would be better that all keyboards have a variety of faces, it's hard to tell. That way I'll be certain when I receive a response. I always count to three before I read. First time I have a suggestion, could be: ha,ha,ha or uuummmmm ...simple and easy, otherwise ridiculous!
The question of the atomic clock inna plane was the main point that convinced me about time travel potential. I think that if you get no response for that post, it's because everybody is aware of that (I hope!).

You talk about a kind of "eternal" life, I believe in that too, but maybe it's not exacly what we want it to be, maybe it works in the gear box than the rest of the world (anything existing, from the visible to invisible, facts to theories) - it's relative. We know that everything have an ending, to go in the futur it's like being "frozen" for the time we travel, but we do get older, at our speed, because our body will return to dust!

(When I said that, I just think of the smell, whaaa... nasty!)
Everything could be possible dob, even eternity. The strong feeling of "believing" is what'll make us survive. Of course, if you read one of my replies on the "How long is now" topic. When I put clear that anything moving in time "on any condition" will have its own timing. Please take a look friend.
I agree with you, I beleive me too in eternity. I beleive too in this strong feeling of beleiving that makes us survive... You maybe mean human beings surviving on the planet, or maybe somebody in his life, both works.

If I can get any religion involved in here, I would ask you to remember words of thoses who did "stuff" that we still not understand. Believing: Faith! Jesus said that if you could have the faith as big as a mustard seed then you might be able to move mountains by taught, some fakir can mutilate theirself without burning or bleeding, other can float in the air (levitation?), scientifics may say that is made out with the brain activity, why not, but it's still the faith.

After-death life is based on that (from my sens), if you're shure and totally convinced that you're going somewhere then you'll go, if you see paradise as a big sky or a lake full of fishs, then it will be, why not? I don't put my religion and time travel together, but they have this in common, again, Faith.

I've read your posts in the "how long is now" thread, yeah, everything got is own timing! But could you tell me more about the camera?

What you are refering to is the time dilation effect of special relativity. In other words objects in motion experience the passage of time differently from stationary objects. It has been verified a number of times now.

I am not exactly sure what you are refering to with the laser, that sentence seems to come completely out of the blue with no link to the previous statements.

I do not believe anyone doubts the ability of travelling into the future, it is the past which is at question.
Trott, let me know FIRST if I can share ideas with you like with others. I do understand this is OFF LIMITS. If I could make a mistake, I believe you'll be capable to correct it. I'm more than sure if I tell "anything" to someone from the future she/he will listen."Nevertheless being too seriuos is being humorous too" The laser is the evidence of such practical theory. But think about the clues we already have. Don't you think if we combine those clues we might be able to reach what could be possible? (going backwards)
dob, I'm convinced you're a good person. I don't forget your replies before the big mess ha ha ha, so I'm gonna answer your question. I was thinking in the possibilities of a real transporter of time, small one though. Inside the transporter are set special cameras, able to record conditions. Now imagine if we put something like food, not animal in there, and when it get back, if...how will it be? Of course if we want evidence of this, most find how to control course first. A necessary step for human attempt. You know what I was thinking? The wormholes are for the past and the light speed is for the future. What do you think? Go ahead and answer, forget about subversions.