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I have been thinking lately on how a black hole may lead to another since it rips space-time, but the fact that we would be crushed. Now we would be forced to go under VErysever pressure, so why not try to build a farely large railgun, to launch a small object through. now afetr that object was fired, it could perhaps go through an accelerater while moving to even further enhance its speed, to the point where the gravity simply could not crush it due its speed. I am thinking perhaps a VERY small item, but smaller than a particle, since even our current types of particle accelerators would nto due, but I am thinking along the lines of:

A: the item would be fired from the Railgun
B. it would travel its course and meet up with an accelerator (Perhaps a particle accelarator, but modified to fire much larger things. at this point, perhaps the item would be traveling fast enough to make it...just a thought
No' I'm affaid that this is not possable as you are predicting.

This is so, as black holes only pose a hole conduit space, within time and space.

I feel that what you are doing, is confusing the singularity, or the direct angle into the center of the black hole.
This is to say rather than the black holes effect on near locus points of the factor of space time, which is near any one prominate black hole?

I'm sure even by Kip Thorne, there has been envisionage of certan vetors, with relationships to angle of incidence, which would act as doorways to other realites."Have you read any of kip Thorne's books"?

On the Anomlaies.net, there is ample telling of this, if it would be alright with your MOP to hop over and take a peek.

Get there going to Anomlaies.net, then to (come here to discuss it), under the second page and then at the bottom of the page under the pop-out header of toppics, go to time travel.

I think that the discussion concerning time travel and all inhearent possabilites, is fun.We on both boards seem to raid each others refridgerators every once in a while any way, hehe he.

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Quote durring the McCarthy hearings, from actress Lucile Ball:

[The only thing I had to do, when called before the comittee, was to stand before them and to tell the truth".

Later on when interviewed Ball had said, that this is probably the only thing that she could have done.

I'll do that now and come right straight back at your More!

One do a cross angle outside the window on John Titor's vehicle and what do you see?

Right' a compession of the suspension, showing there is consideable weight within the vehicle.

This means what?

It means that either the time machine is real, or someone has loaded over seven hundred pounds of weight within that vehicle.

The very key question is, was John Titor from out time divergence?

That's all I have to say on the subject of John Titor.

2.I woke up one morning and went to get a glass of water.The time said and I read it twice, 5:30 A.M.

I woke up again and the time said 3:30.

You said same and our missing times had been realvilty the same.

There are other complications associated with happenstance, that I won't go into, however don't dare call me a liar on this issue.

3.What your posting now which is, the Earth seems to pull at objects close to it and this effects satelites and they must be readjusted.

How did you get in a discussion from black hole entry points, to a divergence where evething is being pulled along.

It's as if your Anomalies.net crew, rapidly wants to get away from timespace entry points, even when you do understand them so very well?

4.I care about Darby.It's not just him, it's just how the whole setup was intended at Andomalie.net, as if to bushwack, with obstinace and cuastisivty?

This was a setup and everyone who had wandered into this trap, was abused.I must ask you, is this your leggacy?

I haven nothing against Darby, however anyone looking at how events were set up, would known and understand that this was a trap.

5.A very key question since you defame the Pleiadeans, who in a way were not only assoicated in some sects with the Third Reich, but the U.S. Governemnt as well.

If post Titorism stays does come to pass, where will you then go?

What will you do and who will you allied with then?

This Earth was quarentined back in the time of Atlantis for what it had done and the very same situation exist today.

What are you telling me More, that by your behaviour you have learned over the past?

This is retorical.I never want to hear from you again, as you are about the most uasary person I have ever heard of, or could imagine.

There must be something of a secret your trying to cover up, for coming back at me the way you did?

For you to know and you to keep.

All I have done is to tell the truth.

In this respect, I'm free of you.

Sorry about the mix up
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Note opting out and not having anything more to do with time travel or the subject of.

Last part was to an agent who had tried one time to recrute me.

This was for an area not having to do with time travel, however other foces involved.

Please note this last posting, that was made by a child, at http://chronos.ws, enatialing possability of a full wizard coming into this dimension.

Please verify with Adam Rhule, in the interface to this last post at Chronos W.S.?

This was not my post as my I.P. is banned there.

Don't know who had posted this, however what child describes, is a full modern wizard.

Since Time02112 is provost over me by seniority of pactice, then all effects as mentioned from the Chronos W.S. are his propietarily, as he had acted as agent first?

Two for More, if she had acted with foreknowlege to said missing time, then by accounts of certain magic laws, then she inhearits a curse.

This is beyond me and I know when to opt out, as what this kid had descibed it seems was a full wizard.

So this leave Pamela, Time02112, to encouter first contact, if what the boy on Chronos had posted, was true.

Note this other being as said in the Chronos web site, would be a relation to me, as designed by others?

This is not my doing, I know when to retract and I out of any more doings in this area.

Both More and Time02112, had foreknowlege of events as they would unfold, let them deal with consiquences.

Note this is beyond insurace, reverse curses or any contrivance that anyone can muster.

This is if the flow of event had been altered for others favour.

Again, this was not my post at Chronos W.S. nor made by any prompting to anyone that I could have done.

I'm out.

Sorry to all I have hurt, if it has looked this way, however look deeper?

Sworn to all, Creedo299 i.p acces deleated
RE: Railguns(Time Ships)

In respect to the Author of this thread's proposal of introducing the railgun approach to send a subject contained within a craft and propel them through a black-hole safely is indeed a good theory- I really believe you are on the right track here Zikane, however this is only a small part of many prcesses that would be required to do this, not to say it's not possible or irrelevant, for it would become a crucial element as far as initiating a jump sequence through any universl embodiment be it a black-hole, white-hole, worm-hole, or other type of vortex energy system that trnsverses the Space-Time Continuim.

What you would need to put this all together is a craft that uses a plasma fusion reactor core that uses quantum phase varient coils to enject the specified amounts of energy pulses through the engines kind of like what a turbo injected carbourator does for fossil fuel engins so to speak.

Since physics works "backwards" you would not need to induce a gravitational warp field to bend light, but actually the other way around; by producing "bent-light" you would generate a warped grvitational field that would be capable of creating an artificialy generated "micro-black hole" ...think of the ship being able to not only trnsverse a black-hole in space, but where there are none, the ship can make an artifical one as such to open in front of it once the online rail gun thrusters have been activated.

I have a question for everyone,
"What would you suppose would be the outcome from generating an artificially created worm-hole vortex to swallow up such a ship as mentioned above, just as you begin to approach the event horizon of a natural black hole that in turn swallows up this vortex that swalloed up your ship micro-seconds before? adding to the ability to control the vortex bubble around your ship to navigate it's direction through this black-hole? Hmmm???
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RE: Railguns(Time Ships)

Technical answer, no retoric.

Simple even though the ship is near the black hole event horizion, the ship still goes zero and is in whatever frequency the contgrol boss of the instrumentation perscribes that frequency should be.

Once you have done this, it's not then necessary to travel through the event horizion.

The event horizion becomes superfluis.

This is a technical note, and not conversation.
RE: Railguns(Time Ships)

A little more, I bear no graudges.

Worm holes generate from anywhere to anywhere all of the time.

There are small worm holes, and worm holes can be modified to be large.

All black holes are, is a density in space.

They are what is left of star matter.

There is the singularity, which you travel to straight ahead.

And there is the event horizion, if hit at a certain angle, can place you into another frequency in the universe.

A frequency event bubble is just that, a bubble.

However one can go up in frequency, or down in frequency from what is established as a normal main whatever that reality frequncy should be.

Now you saying establish velocity, with vector and then add a frquency bubble to take you out of this reality.

Since worm holes are plentiful all over, this is not necessary.

Instead, either do or don't make the event horizion and then choose what frequency or reality that you want to go to from there.

I would not do it in a fusion ion rocket, as they might compensate badly.Say a used type 1 Pleiadean saucer, which is a hunk of junk any way, as their reactors leak and their near the end of their usefullness.

A saucer is an oblate and easily magntically compensated.

So if you hit the event horizion just so, then you have another reality.

The choice is yours as your prime information was superfluis.

One can open up a worm hole almost anywhere.

A frequency bubble is just this and one can either go up in frequency, or down.The choice is yours for whatever pourpose that you desire.

All you really need to do with reference to traveling through an event horizion, of most, black holes, is to magnetically compensate.

A fusion ion rocket ship, can not be for the most part, be engineered to exceed the speed of light by trans-phased matter into a tachyion realm.

So your trip to wherever, is going to take a tremnedous amount of time, unless you use a worm hole.

However in order to use a worm hole, you have to pozess a type of insturment that not only naviagates the worm hole, but can direct the tip of the worm hole to wherever you want to other end to end up at?

So theoretically, it is possable to place a lawn chair in a plastic bubble with a bottle of air, tint the bubbble sunglass stile, and with the right type of insturmentation, take off to Alpha Centuri, from your back yard.

These are the varibles that you had wanted 02.

The board looked dull and all I did was give them to you.

Don't hate you, never did.

TTA wants me to behave, I have to go away now, however from time to time I'll peek?

Note you left the a out of transition in your last post?

This is like the saying from the prisioner ants from Planet Zantiand their saying, "Quarlo-eee-tranzini"

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