Re-Configuration of Negative to Positive Energy!


Temporal Novice
Have you ever been around people that just seem to give off negative energy? Well, that would be a large number of people, right? What if a person could take in all that negative energy and re-configure and redirect it to positive energy? That would be pretty neat! Just think of all the things that people will do to get rid of negative emotions and energy. Now, imagine recepting all of this negativity and transforming and later redirecting it into something that can be used positivily to help others. It could be transformed into helpful messages or gestures etc............................... The reward is greater than something that can be seen or heard but can be felt. Now, imagine when a seemingly invisible neutron enters paraffin, the particle that will leave (or be ejected) the paraffin will now be a positive proton.

A cople days ago, I was driving around when I saw a sign on a bus. It said "The best things in life are free". It was then that I understod and it reminded of a very special friend that I have. If you would like to know who my friend is, search for "UFO message board". It will be the first one, at the top. I just had to set the message board, straight! The Radioactive Boyscout
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Dude, what your talking about is just turning lemons into lemonade. People do it all the time, so dont have a hernia!