"The future ain't what it used to be."




<JIM DILETTOSO> wrote "...What is this?..."

<SJA> What is what...? You were told "this" was coming <before> my arrival in 1995 ... and more recently when you called to ask if I would meet with writer JIM MARRS to explain a few of my interactions to assist "LADY MARGIT" a HABSBURG of the BOURBON FAMILY. As I mentioned at the IUFOC in 1997 ... she <is> a TRILLIONARESS ... a WOMAN OF GOD ... and one of the 12 BANKING FAMILIES in the ROTHSCHILD TRUST out of London that control many WORLD GOVERNMENTS thru Finance. Although JIM MARRS
appeared astonished ... you should have seen his face when I began to mention my business entitlements thru LADY MARGIT's husband BRENT. His interactions with TIMELESS TRAVELERS left 56% of the VICTORIO PEAK TREASURE TROVE to <me> to be used for specific purposes for the New Millennium. Although <presently> controlled by the "CONSORTIUM"... my entitlements are also related to discoveries of advanced technology in other caverns nearby.

<JIM DILETTOSO> wrote "...You characterize me in a very unusual way compared to what happened..."

<SJA> As you may know ... I am aware of <your> version "compared to what happened" at the VILLAGE LAB as well as the "LOGIC OF TRUTH" concerning what they call "PHOENIX LIGHTS" ... "LUBBOCK LIGHTS" and also BILLY MEIER. Therefore any other characterizations of you more precisely stated by me would be <less> than "very unusual" ... but <more> than unflattering...!

<JIM DILETTOSO> wrote "...people who live in stone houses shouldn't throw glasses...."

<SJA> If by your mis-quote of a famous Presidential Statement to a former Soviet Leader ... you mean to imply your <usual> subtle threat ... better look around you...! In your thirst for power thru deception and deceit ... you have <repeatedly> betrayed those who have assisted you ... that once considered themselves as close friends ... me
included...! The "stone houses" you mention where I stay are owned by <my> sponsor the multi-talented songwriter and composer GEORDIE HORMEL of HORMEL FOODS as <his> HORMEL MANSION ... <his> WRIGLEY MANSION ... <his> INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSE ... and <his> VILLAGE LAB where <you> lived before you gained abject dis-trust by your daily varieties of "SPAM." If you were even <remotely> able to conceive the WISDOM of SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE ... and by <not> "throwing glasses at people in stone houses" at the VILLAGE LAB ... ALESHA might <not> have required stitches at the Emergency Hospital.

If you are able and willing to let some TRUTH into your life ... explain the following:

<1.> Is it true JIM DILETTOSO that ... <you> are the one responsible for <holding back> the BILLY MEIER TRUTH from being released in the United States by an agreement you told me <you> got him to sign...? Would this
exclude your side agreement with RANDY WINTERS in exchange for royalties...? Do you admit that your interviews with KAL KORFF were <staged> and <pre-arranged> by "TALK SHOW HOSTS" to sell books and
products...? How do you respond to this...?

<2.> Is it true JIM DILETTOSO that ... subsequent to the March 13, 1997 sighting of the "PHOENIX LIGHTS" by the witnesses ... in your upstairs office at the VILLAGE LAB in Phoenix ... <you> advised me not to reveal to the public my TIMELESS TRAVEL VENTURES and interactions with "TRAVELERS <inside> THE LIGHTS" ...to include "THE LUBBOCK LIGHTS" and BILLY MEIER ... because you mentioned there was already "...a plan in
motion to spoon feed the public" ...? What is that "plan"... and how do you respond to this...?

<3.> Is it true JIM DILETTOSO that ... both <you> and DR. FRED BELL mis-represented on certain areas pertaining to BILLY MEIER to sell your own versions of books and products...? Would this include a complete
fabrication of alleged amorous affairs with the lovely and evolved female Extraterrestrial Friend of BILLY MEIER ... knowing in advance this false hope for YOU and FRED was not only <ridiculous> ... but far <removed> from THE TRUTH...? So "JIMMIE BOY" ... how do you respond to this one...?