Real time machine?

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Can anyone tell me what the most logical way to build a real time machine? And I'm looking for serious answers please. (I'm writing fiction about time travel, but I want it to seem realistic.)
The best bet is to create (or find) a wormhole and then acquire some "exotic matter", i.e. something with "negative energy" to keep the wormhole from collapsing when someone goes through it.

So you could have some people go to the center of our galaxy and find a wormhole, but only when someone creates "negative engery" can they go through it to somewhere else in space. The question is where? And the other question is can they modify the wormhole to point in any direction in space and time?

There are also some theories that some amazing quantum effects are going on within our own brains that are the equivalent of mini black holes. You might create a time machine by somehow modifying a human brain either so all these little black holes migrate to the same place causing the person to be sucked back into time, or by having them all line up in some way (equally spaced at some magic distance?) and then the person getting sucked back into time. It might be something where the effect only lasts for a certain amount of time, and then the person is sucked back into the present.
I've tried to solve this one my self and for me, I still like H.G. Wells' original idea the best.

Stephen Baxter used it in "The Time Ships" which is an EXCELLENT and recent novel on the subject.

The reason I like this is that it sidesteps the issue of the actual technology involved for several good reasons, to me anyway. (Wells and Baxter simply postulate a rather quaint victorian looking contraption with bells and whistles that transports the operator as a lever is pulled. They never really explain HOW it works.)

Being and avid SF fan (and currently writing an SF novel of my own), an author knows today's readers are sophisticated and will chide any fantasy author who delves into technology that can be easily DIS-proven. Larry Niven found this out after the first "Ringworld" when Astronomy and Physics students pointed out to him how the Ringworld would ultametly be unstable, get out of kilter and eventually collide with its central star. He had to solve this in subsequent novels by adding Bussard Ramjets to the rim to maintain its stability of orbit.

So... for me, I'll delve into only the most speculative and un-falsifiable of hypotheses when it comes to constructing scenarios that push the limit. Other than that, it seems best to actually duck the issue, or risk getting your head chopped off. Wells' and Baxter's books are more about what one encounters as a result of time travel, not the technology itself of how it might work. Their little rickety devices solve the hypothesis rather nicely I think, and keep them out of trouble with Quantum Theorists.

as a know nothing (me), it would be good to see a book writtten that is easy to follow, Why not vaporise your time travelers into billions of little particals then have the travellers particals hitch a ride with particals of light to reach the desired speed required for such travel.

If you use the idea, do I get a commission??

I cannot help you withhow to build a time machine but I would like to tell you my experiences of Time Travel.

All through my life I have been experiencing what best can be described as time loops just like the film Gound Hog Day but over a matter of years. This means that time travel is possible. I donot know what is sending me back in time but what I do know is the way time works. If you travel back in time you have a limited possibility to change events because your mind is reverted back to its previous state. At least that ismy experience of Time Loops or Future-Past as I call it. I am currently in a Time Loop. What I have noticed about these time loops are that they seem to start the middle of a decade and end the start of a new one until the time loop is broken and it continues for another 5 years.

If anyone would like to discuss this further or about incorporating it into your book or the possibility of helping me write a new book please contact me on [email protected]