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Wild Extravagant Theories:
The Science of The Time Machine

Paper for Picocon 13, Imperial College,
4 February 1996
Stephen Baxter

"Long ago I had a vague inkling of a machine... that shall travel indifferently in any direction of Space and Time, as the driver determines."
Filby contented himself with laughter. "But I have experimental verification," said the Time Traveller.
The Time Machine by HG Wells, p6. <1>

Alexander V. Frolov

Scientific activity

My publications and reports of 1994-2000

*Time Control:]
Technical projects on time engineering

Technical proposals
for time control research program
Modern theories about nature of space and time There are many known theories and no needs to comment all of them. I submitted here some data that is correlating with my own understanding. This data let me develop practical ideas and offer some time rate control experiments.

*New Energy
Free energy experiments and theories

High efficiency Magnet generator
Direct heat-to-electricity conversion
Free energy generation by means of alternating electric field
Energy conversion from longitudinal plasma waves to electromagnetic waves
Hydrino (Underground state of the hydrogen atom)
Self-generating electric discharge by Alexander V. Chernetsky
Report on congress New Ideas in Natural Sciences, 1996 (photo)
Resonance plasma waves

Parametrical electromagnetic generator
The analogy if USA patent 4622510 of 11.11.1986. The device is LC-circuit where the C is changed by means of rotation of the dielectrical member of the capacitor. In this case the theory and
well-known experiments allow to get the energy transformation from heat energy to electricity. The device is so called "heat pump". Planned power of the prototype is 100 Watt - 1 KW.

Resonance dipole.
It is one of Tesla's devices to get the conductivity current in load when the displacement currents are created in serial LC-circuits. Planned frequency is 1 - 20 MHz, planned power of the prototype is 100 Watt - 1 KWt.

Proposals for new types of propulsion
Electrogravitics experiments
Photo of my experiments to prove possibility for electrogravitics propulsion.
Video on it also was included in CD "Gravitation experiments in home laboratory".

Antigravity as result of pressure gradient Wing profile in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics can be used for space propulsion also.

Review on biological antigravitation (De Broighl's waves resonance in cavity structures)

Electromagnetic propeller

Propulsion by means of asymmetrical centrifugal force

Plan for experimental research work
It is review of some known ideas and my own results that can be used as the plan for experimental research program.

Academician Ignatyev report and images about electromagnetic drive for spacecraft
Since this method use electromagnetic energy to create the flow of the ether, it is reactive motion in some sense. It is described in Academician Ignatyev's lecture by standard terms and if you have notion about Poynting vector, it will be the way for your experiments.

Dr. Spartak M. Poliakov's laboratory "Graviton", Moscow

"Heat pipe for propulsion"

Gyroscope propulsion by Dr. Francis MacCabe Report from USA, description of experiments, photo and plans for propulsion system and power generation by means of gyroscope effect.

Experiments with gyroscope to demonstrate reaction less propulsion way
It is my home laboratory experiment of July 22, 1999.
Video on it is included in CD "Gravitation experiments in home laboratory".

Thermogravitics Macro and micro level for impulses can be used to get the asymmetry in net impulse of the system and for propulsion.

Asymmetrical vortex as a way for antigravity Victor Shauberger's methods

I am independed researcher. Would you like to support my experimental work?
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POB 37, St.Petersburg, 193024, Russia
E-mail: [email protected]


Data transmission engineer for a telecommunication firm.


Seven years of experience in planning, installing, and troubleshooting telecommunication systems; a proven track record in identifying problems and developing innovative solutions.


Russian and English. Employers can verify my Brainbench Certificationâ„¢ online. Go to http://www.brainbench.com Transcript ID Number is 443851.


* NETWORKING: PDH and SDH equipment, dial-up and leased modems, Internet.
* APPLICATIONS: data transmission and digital cross-connect, NMS


1997-1999 JSC BCL "Baltic Communication Ltd.," data transmission engineer. Installation and maintenance experience: Newbridge 3600 digital cross-connect equipment, NOKIA equipment DN2, DM2, DB2, DNT and other PDH (primary digital hierarchy) equipment. SDH equipment
TN1-X and TN1-C installation and maintenance. Leased data channels, monitoring for local and international 2Mbps streams. Experience with copper and optic modems.

1993-1997 JSC "Comincom", Engineer-expert. Telecommunication network planning, installation, testing and technical support for radio-relay 2 Mbps lines (NERA 2x4 Mbps, Radan 2x2 Mbps, Pereval 2 Mbps stations), satellite line St.-Petersburg - Belgium (VSAT 2x64 Kbps, Matra Marconi
Space, Skydata), local lines for data telecommunication (modems Nokia, Alcatel and TADIRAN data equipment), some experience with PABX equipment (Alcatel 4300, Coral).
1992-1993 Private company. Research projects in electronics. Director, owner. Experience in business planning for small company.
1991-1992 Private company. Financial Manager. Some experience in contracts and accounting.
1989-1991 "Granit" Central Scientific Research Institute. Engineer. Wireless telecommunication systems, receivers department. Designer experience.
1984-1989 Military Forces of USSR. Officer. Telecommunications.


Telecommunication University, St.Petersburg, wireless communication
engineer. Honors diploma. Graduated in 1984.


1996 Certified training in marketing, two weeks, TADIRAN Telecom., Co.
1998 Certified training in installation for Newbridge 3600


Engineer in research laboratory, PhD preparation for aerospace and energetics


"Method and system for wireless telecommunication that use distributed frequencies". Patent filed 1983. It was proposed for special telecommunication system where the noise level is analyzed to select the best operation frequency. New method was proposed to use mathematical derivative calculation instead of average value of the noise. By this way the most probable value of noise can be calculated instead of average value of noise. The idea was particularly realized as device.


Expert of The Russian Physical Society.
Member of Scientific and Medical Network, Scotland


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St.-Petersburg, 1998. Short version of the paper was published in ELECTRIC SPACECRAFT, Leicester, North Carolina 28748 USA, Issue 27, 1997 p.30-31.
- Trilateral spacetime effect, Published in Newsletter of Planetary Association for Clean Energy,
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