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Red shift, Blue shift, We all shift for Hue Shift!


Hello everyone!, I'm back to talk to you guys about shifting. (doppler effect of light) I have a question to pose-What happens if you are in a space ship traveling at approximately 1000 mph (speed doesn't really matter much unless you want more energy.) and then you shine a flashlight at some distant object far away, as the light approaches the distant object it blue shifts causing a higher amount of energy in the light... If you could collect 99.99999% of the energy from the photons and get that much percentage of energy back from your space ship velocity, then would that not be overunity which would make time travel possible at least in the enormous amounts of energy that it would require? Oh also, I have a theory to posses- I think cosmic strings have mass (if they exist) because of this equation E/c2=m... Like it? thought so... Now it's not a lot of mass, but they do have mass and so does light since we can stop it in cesium atoms and we can use the same formula to calculate the mass of light! NEAT! Oh also did anyone watch that nova program the other day? It was Cool! :D but confusing at certain points... /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif
I think the Doppler Shift is just a trick of light(smoke and mirrors) and I doubt any energy could be harnessed from it. It is Time travel, the changing of the reality we observed to prevent the creation of superluminal waves. We're still waiting for Mutidimensional string theory to make sense.

Some people call something invisible we can't fathom a supersting, some people call it a demon. I think my theory of E/m=89875517873681764metres/Second. The Smoke And Mirrors Equation
temporal traveler who are you? why are you the only one who reads my articles... /ttiforum/images/graemlins/frown.gif Are you me in the future? :D LOL-commandersisko