"The future ain't what it used to be."

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2.>The proposals sent to Tap-ten, on a solar electric auto, seem with the new information concerning hydrogen fuel cell vehicles being bad for the atmosphere, as re'issuance for concern.

This is said and proposed that firstover, a battery of solar cells, high fidelity would be used to gathering existing sunlight.

From this gatherance then a cabled shuntted to a regulator, which one-ways the power feeds to a step-up amplifier.

From this point in junction, there is a feed into a section of batteries, to where a rise fall level would always occur with this batterypack.

This said batterypack, would then supply power feeds back to a step-up power amplifier, which would then be sublette to a series of motors, which would propel the vehicle.

A mechanical transmission would supplant, the needs for better performance.
Be it knownst, this very simple set up, could in principle using Tesla technologies, within pulsed width cycle power ratios, be applied for spacecraft, flying crafts, and other application where traditional flues were not either needed or wanted as capable of being applied.