"The future ain't what it used to be."

Relativity between events



hey guys. Im new, so show some mercy...

I was wondering if any of you think that an Event can be directly relative to itself. you know, be it's own cause. Not justifying itself in the end.

lets say you "see" an image of yourself lying in a pool of blood. The image startles you so, that you step back, and fall out of a window, then lay in a pool of blood.

btw, would that be direct relativity, or is the direct-ness a matter of opinion?
Like the vase in the matrx,

saying you can't change the future if you know about it,

what you don't know won't hurt you kind of thing

forgive me, I hate the matrix.

I think I know what your talking about, so do you think it's possible?
cool, glad to know im not alone

You're certainly not. I'm of the view that history - past and future - cannot be altered. It's set in stone. I don't rule out time travel though. I think once it is invented it will simply fill in the gaps which have been left unexplained in this stone.

I agree as well, and this. However, that doesn't mean you ca would bring in predestination. But I don't think that meanss you have no choices, and that every instant that goes by, that we make a choice, we are choosing to go down one path or the other.

Us having the ability to choose, and the conciousness of that choice, is that what a soul is?

Fate is a river that flows and branches out, not a straight one-way road

Just what I believe, don't just jump in and flame me, please
Hmm, fate is very much something that is perceived. You perceive to make choices, but what really defines 'you'? To accept such a fallacy as 'fate' is to accept that there is randomness in the universe, that all things are not governed by some formula. So until you can bring about an example which could be considered 'random', then Ill keep with my pre-destinational theory.

On top of this theory which rejects randomness, it is plausible that in the (far future) that the future could be predicted and the past could be simulated, but only if every existing formula is realized and every possible parameter and variable is brought into play(including the machine itself and its effects(ie people being able to look into the future and do otherwise). Using an extremely powerful computer and program, the universe could be simulated at an accelerated rate, either into the future or the past.
Hope this makes sense...
im just excersizing my head muscle, no matter how much i contradict myself