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This has nothing to do with time travel but I taking a poll saying who believes in religion and who doesn't? also who believes that time travel agrees and diagrees with God?
RE: Religion Poll one God, dietries and Satanist:


Adam' What I feel is that events had been set up to cleft a certain way, so that there would be an interposing dynamic between the Christain God and Satan.

I don't feel that it could have fallen any other way and is really more similar to a past busniess arrangment, rather than a fight between good and evil.

There is an animal side to man and to an extent whoever feels that they are part of this bargin, must say if they are Christian, that the Devil controls all flesh.

There must be a place for the Christians to go when they expire, so heaven was created.

However according to Pentagon remote viewing information, there are also other types of Gods that are employed, such as Norse, Chinese, Japanese and so-on.

There is also the Wiccan movement, which is huge anymore, however not all witches perscribe to being in the Wiccan movement.

A lot of natural witches, feel that Dr. Gerald Gardener sold them out, by takeing the lore of a natural social culted and learned trait witches, by makeing it into an organized religion, so that this new witchcraft kind of religion, could again control people.

Even in the Satanist new movement and they said it right here, and I quote, "Satanist must be sevire, in order to form the right type of person".

I'm sorry Adam, but they can't do that and people, in their part, are in part measured for Angelic dieties and this balance seems to be the lower end pull, which sometimes is Satanic.

So Satanist can't really fashion people as they want.

If they do, they really arn't people, but misanthropic beings, who are overcentralized within their own sociology.

This time was predicted to happen and would be when Satan's minions would celft to him and God's minions would cleave to God.

I don't know how other belief systems relaits to the relative good or however they have their set-up arranged.

This is part of a done deal and without both God and the fallen one, then man could not have balanced as he did, if you hold the Christian viewpoint?

If you a witch, or a wizzard, then these values can be translaited differntly, as only certain type of demos, do work for certain types of witches.Not all deomns are the same in width and temperment, any good witch knows this??!

They're really arn't true malevolent demons, however part and parcels of conjurs, which serve witches, who obtain nutral values.

There are also white witches, who are actually Angelic consorts.

This is the whole new ballgame, as now with this crazy Wiccan movment being so hugely popular in the U.S. Air Force, everybody is asking what is and what is not holy?

Some say and accuse since the pentagram is claimed associated Devil's fare, with some witches, that any witch who uses the pentagram is Satanist.

This is definatly not true.

I know with some Satanist, when they come to a witches gathering, if the witches are all differing, at times the other witches ask for cue cards, as they have no idea what the Satanist are talking about??

There are also castings and countercastings, glairs frown and threatening gestures, as this type of meet gets to be very caddy.

Past seer Nostradmaus was a graduate of a mystery school and was taught fine medicinal ways, as well as conjur.

A lot of more middle of the road witches and this reality wizzards throw up their hands at some of the jack-booted antics of the Satanist, as it seems they are questable?

Newer stiles of witches who now realize how events have changed, no longer use the pentagram.
RE: Religion Poll one God, dietries and Satanist:

Well Creedo it would appear that you recuperated from your vamp bite! and the touch of turrets syndrome! I've seen more ceilings than Michelangelo with you!

Adam, you pose a very good question for once! It has everything to do with Time Travel! Most people are thinking star gates, Time Machines, port holes, Vortex Activator, John Titors General Electric Box of bolts, and on and on the enquirer goes...

But actually Time Travel is specified quite clearly in the Bible, starting in Genesis when GD creates the heavenlies and than separates the firmament. It goes on to explain Jacobs ladder and all manor or stories that specify from above and below as dimensional realms. Its even clear to see that Jesus himself used the knowledge of Time Travel possibly to obtain the 5000 fish to feed the multitude! Possible from taking them right out of the other neighboring dimensions or possible because he clearly understood how to create life with the use of the Hebrew DNA specified in the sefir yetzirah, (the book of formations.) It goes even deeper with bible studies of the sefir yetzirah and the Dead sea scrolls talking about the Merkaba teachings as the gate to the dimensions. If you read Revelations 22 it clearly describes the creation of the new Heaven and Earth as the New Jerusalem in the form of the 6 pointed Merkaba (The Star of David.) This 6 pointed Merkaba also symbolized in mathematics as Sacred Geometry. It also happens to be the mathematical method and grid of locating stars by use of the constellations. There is so much more and there is no way I can even begin to touch the tip of what I am trying to explain other than the fact that I would need a web site to display it all.

But taking into consideration what I have just said above, yes there is one creator of light and spirit and misusing his wondrous works of Time Travel which would include invading the heavenly realms would be an invasion of his territory! However doing this without the physical body in a dream state is not in violation. But that of actually physically Time Traveling in the Flesh would be the ultimate abomination! Which I have reason to believe is actually taking place within our government and military and with the said Global Elite/Illuminati. And than there are the others that monitor interdementional transfers from such invaders as all manor of aliens that invade and occupy our air space. I know it sounds insane! But I've been privy to some proof along the counterintuitive path of my life!

Enough to know that Time Travel is morally and ethically wrong!

RE:CAT officer takeing report:

Woke up about 1994, with two pronounced bite marks, about two and one half centimeters apart from each other, about seven centimenters from the fibula ankle protuberance, in 1994 approximatly.(I had said before milimenters, as I was tired and read ruler wrong.)

Saw shadow of probable Ong vehicle near my place as of late, this must have generaited a wave, which was on or near same frequency as creatures that had bitten me, in early 90s?

I think Ong pilot had posted here to me, in one of these post??

AS OF LATE:Right puncture wound showed first, was darkened and discolored, then left mark came into view.

Also had tenderness in abdomen.Had gotten over abdominal strep this winter, early spring, maybe the time and space wave triped some kind of para virus effect?

Bite wound is healing again.As I had said before, these are not vampires, however a form of smallish green E.T. that lives off of human blood, without giving transmissable viruses to man.

Woman I had given a lift to, told me of them in exact detail.

When I shook woman's hand to say hello, was like grabbing a'hold of a one ten voltaged wire, only with less amps.

I know that this sounds funny, however it at the time seemed almost like a sexual voltage.

Had never felt anything like this in my life.
I'm sure that this was a energy marker that she had marked me with, for the Greens to get to me.

They phase through walls, so the signature of this Ong prototype might have re'tripped this phasic wave, so reopening up the older phasic wound?

I was on the Ong site about two weeks prior to you giving me the cross-section on the Ong village prototype.

I have an extreamly adept E.M. aspect to my eye, can read E.M. signautes in sky, seeing gravity waves, just by looking at them.

Note when real vamps bite people, it depends on what type of vamp they are, if these genetic effects, are passed down through sucessive generations of people?

There are three known types and this was given by a man who got all three to come for photographs in his London based dentists office.

Depending on the type your relatives were bitten by, this virus marker, then becomes a genetic marker.

>>They took this site down, as Im sure that the content was both two provocative as well as contrversal.I don't think that they had wanted people to know that much about vampires?

This hidden vampire trait is then passed down and either stays hidden, or at certain times on rair moon rises, the effects come to light.

These are, a ten fold increase in strength, increase in hearing to a dogs level.These as well as many traits, however again, the traits are not metamorphic.

In other words, I don't go stalking people, looking for a quick meal.

The only after effect, is wanting my steaks medium rare, sometimes on the bloody side.

These traits fade in about a days time and then the person is back to normal.

Effects the adrenals in some way?

The bite I had recieved from the Greens on my right arm, was the one that got infect for some reason.

I would wake up with these bites, for a period of about a week, as I can remember.

I see interphasically and had noted a vehicle that was buzzing my place as of late.

This was not an oblate like a saucer, but smaller.

Think it might have been Ong vehicle?

I have reported this to you as it has happened, as this was an incident.

You wear the uni, in my mind, so here it is, end of subject, end of report.

Thank you CAT, I think a lot of you!
RE: www.amazingfacts.org

Dearest Creedo,

I think your paranoia has bitten the better of you! Lets feed on it alittle more...

As I lay on my bed, thinking about you, I feel this strong urge to grab you and squeeze you, because I can't forget last night. You came to me unexpectedly during the balmy and calm night, and what happened in my bed still leaves a tingling sensation in me. You appeared from nowhere and shamelessly without any reservations you laid on my naked body, you sensed my indifference so you started to bite my body without any guilt or humiliation and you drove me crazy while you sucked me dry. Finally I went to sleep. Today when I woke up you were gone. I searched for you but to no avail, only the sheets bore witness to last night's events. My body still shows your marks, making it harder to forget you. Tonight I will remain awake waiting for you. As soon you appear I will quickly grab you and won't let you go, will hold you with all my strength so you
won't disappear. I Won't rest until I squeeze your blood out.....you BLOOD SUCKING MOSQUITO!!!

Hee Hee!!! Had you going there didn't I?

RE: CAT, I\'m sure you have me confused with.....

No' to tell the truth, I like the bit that you were going to work, stopped on the cobbled courtyard foyer and smelled Isreal.

I think it's a healthy thing for a man to dress up like a woman once a year, without reprisals from anybody!National mens dress up like a woman day?

What this does is gets your female side expressed and all of your hostilites out.

No' I had visualized myself in a white full Summer dress, with low pumped heels, shaved legs and a nice set of stockings to complement my blond wig and woman's makeup."Oh'don't forget the floppy woven hat, which is black and just sets the outfit off right"?!

Halfway across the courtyard, trying to be like you, I lost my earing and a nice young man comes over and picked it up for me.

Well' you know how one thing leads to another and the next thing you know, we are in the bedroom togeather, with the lights out and he gets frisky under the covers.

The next thing I know, is he finds what he thinks he finds a wants-sa, jumpsup yelling, "You've got a standard shift and I can't do that type of driving!!!!

Poor guy runs out of the motel room yelling at the top of his luungs, "I'm ruined I'm runied, I'll never be the same"?!

Poor guy, it's all because I got carried away with the part.

I think that i'ts alright for a guy to express his femanine side, so disease does not set in, but don't let it go too far?

I bet you'r now thinking, what I look like in drag...?

What would it look like if I did the Marylin pose over the subway grate, with the wind blowing up my dress and me trying to hold my dress down...

As they say in the parfume commercials, "Ahhh' the smell of it"!
RE: CAT, I\'m sure you have me confused with.....

Extra note:You know with the Monica Lewensky deal and President Billy Bob, I wonder how many people in the United States who were both hearing the new and eating clam chowdder, all of a sudden threw down their spoons and said, "I can't eat this crap!
You know, that this news today, is the most discusting peice of information that I've ever heard"?

I wonder exactly how many children went to their parents and sked, "Mommy, Daddy what are they talking about and w-why is the president's eye twitching a lot"?

I wonder how many parents replied, "Oh well now, ...hmmm you see there is this thing-a-ma-gig and well' Honey can you tell junior or Sissy what present heaver was doing in the oval office"?

I would say over a million easy...
RE: CAT, I\'m sure you have me confused with.....


You quoted obove:

<<No' to tell the truth, I like the bit that you were going to work, stopped on the cobbled courtyard foyer and smelled Isreal.>>

So your presents was with me on that valient and vagrant day?

You could tesify for me, could you not?

Its basically what you just did!

RE: CAT, I\'m sure you have me .....

I ment in the charicter of the moment, dear Ms. Presley.

Me thinks that your too serious on this subject and you is near loosin your sence of humor?

I think you'r pretty, but hey, if I should come to you as described, I might end up a Tampex and you know where that could possably place me?!

I'm sure that there is a point in one's life, where they stop building models of DE Class destroyers and star adopting hobbies of makeing models or toys of beautiful wimen in their minds.

I visualize the white dress, about an inch below the knee line.A set of low sandle pumps.When youi walk fast, the wind kinda lifts the dress a little, however modestly.

A purse, black patent leather, with a long handle, thin.A large floppy sun hat.

And your hair put up somehow gracefully stuffed up in their.

A light ocean breeze.Some Summer sun.A set of sun glasses and the demenour of, "Hey guys,, I have to get to work here"!?

Most women don't think men notice them go to work, but they do!

Isreal,, New York Jewish delictessens, Hasaddic diamond merchants and the endless circle of Curious Joel, I think is part and parcel of what makes a Jew a Jew.

I think how one testifies for themselves, as well as the factor that there is a greater Judea, lies within their own moral charicter.

~~From a very great movie as well as an actor that I once admired, the saying and the questions does go,"If you can not find love now, then where my child is the last place you remember finding it"?
RE: CAT, I\'m sure you have me .....

My my Creedo, you sure are getting testy! By far you exhibited to be the only actual Time Traveler on this forum, without ever formally meeting me or viewing a picture of me!

I dont think allot of people that read this forum get the gist of what your all about or what you trying to accomplish? I think this posting pretty well covers it and although I am in disagreement as to your Remote Veiwing tactics and what course of action this is amounting to for you?

You go on to post:

<<Me thinks that your too serious on this subject and you is near loosin your sence of humor? I think you'r pretty, but hey, if I should come to you as described, I might end up a Tampex and you know where that could possably place me?!>>

Now Now, Not quite! Your so horny that the crack of dawn had better be careful!

<<I visualize the white dress, about an inch below the knee line.>>

Yes, I certainly do have one of those! zippers in back and hugs my shape nicely! Very summery...

<<A set of low sandal pumps.When youi walk fast, the wind kinda lifts the dress a little, however modestly.>>

Very good! Actually the shoes are Westies!

<<A purse, black patent leather, with a long handle, thin.A large floppy sun hat. And your hair put up somehow gracefully stuffed up in their.>>

Exceptional perception! yes I obtain a black leather purse with a long strap. But take away the sun hat! No hat but sometimes I wear my hair up when I cant be bothered with it.

<<A light ocean breeze.Some Summer sun.A set of sun glasses and the demenour of, "Hey guys,, I have to get to work here"!?>>

Phenomenal! No not an ocean breeze but a strong lake breeze! Lots of sun everyday for lunch! and a pair of small black shades that ride my nose! I'M ALWAYS IN A HURRY TO GET TO WORK AND LEAVE, FUNNY YOU SHOULD SAY THAT! Sometimes I travel back farm roads traveling about 70 mph!

<<Isreal,, New York Jewish delictessens, Hasaddic diamond merchants and the endless circle of Curious Joel, I think is part and parcel of what makes a Jew a Jew.>>

Actually its the Toasty Bagel for breakfast while running out the front door!

Pretty good Creedo, I must end politely and say! Sandpaper kisses a cuddle and a purr...

RE: CAT, Creedo as always...

Yes' you may snuggle up to my bum, keeping it warm as my tush is covered on the bed.Then later after preening your six little fur covered titties become an absolute ball and a compleat purring mess.

But please, no mouse parts placed under, or near my pillow, so I discover them at the break of dawn.

Bird beak & parts supprise if one fare that I can do without, haveing been served with this delicacy before?

From cats, bird part supprise::The gift that shows you that you cat loves you and the type of supprise that even looks back at you with more astonishment, than you at it??

RE: CAT, Creedo as always...


This is the breast your gonna get!

Well you see I have trouble sleeping on my stomach! I can't take arobics class without knocking myself out! and when I jog it becomes a spectators sport!

I have noticed that I obtain some rare qualities such as being able to keep a magazine dry while laying in the tub!

I seem to have great negotiating power with men shorter than me!

And it never fails, I can usually find left over popcorn after a movie!

I often wonder how much deeper the ocean would be without sponges?

Well if you could please dearest Creedo, take your Remote Viewing thoughts along with Mr. Goodmans eyeballs out of my cleavage! You should be so lucky to exstend that sandpaper kiss to the sack! This Kitty says tough! keep your Rhubarb and Riboflavin and Beak parts stuffed under your mattress that the salvation army declined!

Maybe I should change my name from Kitty to Carry!

RE: CAT, Creedo as always...

Youv'e given me a hissy'

I shant slap you silly, as there is more draft to your ship than previously thought.

"I've got you babe" had gone as far as to say, durring an inter, that the two, could be placed on here back?

No, not an R.V. but how it might be.

Never realized the Kastuckas were guaged that formatable.

You are the ordinace officer and if a lighter guage rocket is in order, then call Mr. Nip and tuck.This is your busniess.

I was sure for a while, that you were the mouse that couldn't add.

However I now see that in your old foyer stomping grounds, you'r a bagel girl for the door?

Hope I got that opinion right.

Goodman was visited by the Hoover brothers and back-at-the-door Bob.

So I'm sure he would not be on that famous Beechliner, with the rest of the pigs, in order to see the sunrise over those cannions?

I'm sorry, this is a sensative news headline and I don't really look for these types of sky rockets.

There was a newscaster who was reduced in value and now people listen to the news.

Does Vonny Claiette think that she can fund you for the prize, if the moutain shrinks?

I have one less sponge to go away now.

Will look from the window.

Thank you very much for letting me smell your armpit.

Smells like roasted French Vanella.
RE: CAT, Creedo as always...


Still trying to skin this CAT hu?

You posted above:

<<However I now see that in your old foyer stomping grounds, you'r a bagel girl for the door? Hope I got that opinion right.>>

Yes, Reception and Jack-of-all-Trades! They hired me for my looks but they got a little more than they expected!

<<Smells like roasted French Vanella.>>

You have all the charm and social grace of an intoxicated water buffalo! Yes...Soft mimosa and musk! Odyssey by Avon.

RE: CAT, Creedo as always...


You posted above,

<<Goodman was visited by the Hoover brothers and back-at-the-door Bob.>>

Bob has company, get lost!

Back to post subject

I think G-d and his kingdom exsist in some timeless way, he travels in and out of time, "before Abraham I am" in a way time traveler.<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">Today's science fiction is tomorrows science.