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next subject: levitation

for those of you that have done this, indulge me so i can explain to people who haven't done it.

2 methods i've tried that has worked:

(let's say the guy being levitated is john smith)

-4 people kneel around john smith lying on the floor. first, try to lift the john up, pretty hard to do eh? everyone now clasps their hands with only the index fingers of each hand sticking out. it should look like you're holding a pretend gun with both hands. you will use these two fingers to easily lift john. here's wht you do:
now one person says, "john smith is light as a feather, stiff as a board,light as a feather, stiff as a board,light as a feather, stiff as a board. 3-2-1 lift" all of you stick your two index fingers under john smith and he IS light as a feather. i mean if everyone can concentrate, not laugh, not freak out, you can lift john up to the ceiling and hold him there like he's weightless.

-method 2- john smith is sitting in a chair you get four people around him. lift john, umph, whew that was hard. now one of the lifters or 5th person observing instructs the four people to hold there right hand over john's head, palm down one right over the other. instructor says, "close enough to feel the heat from the other person's hand and not actully touch their hand, do you feel the heat?" everybody, "yes". next instruction, "everybody put your left hand over john smith's head, close enough to feel the other persons body heat, feel it?" everybody, "yes". instructor, "now lift". the four people put their two index fingers under john smith, one perons under his left armpit, another undr his right arm pit, another person under the crook of his left knee and the other person under the crook of his right knee. up john goes like lifting a kids balloon.

anyone else ever done this and had the success that i've had?

I tried it once at a slumber party when I was in highschool and IT REALLY WORKED!!!

I'm sorry that I did it now (thinking back) it was very "SATANIC"!!! and I realized that there were other influences involved!

>I tried it once at a
>slumber party when I was
>in highschool and IT REALLY
>I'm sorry that I did it
>now (thinking back) it was
>very "SATANIC"!!! and I realized
>that there were other influences

Fucking satanists!!!
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did ya play with the ouija board aswell?
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levitate your arms!

Try this:

Stand in a doorway

Raise your arms to the sides, pushing the backs of your hands against the doorframe.

Hold that position for two minutes, pushing as hard as you can.

Step out of the doorway and relax your arms.

WIERD!<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"All gods are false. Faith itself is idolatry."

Iain M. Banks, _The_Crow_Road_
RE: levitate your arms!

i've done that one also. i never thought of it as a levitation though, more of a muscle reflex. i guess the two techniques i've described may be considered a muscle reflex also. to be 100% levitation, the people should not be touching the floating subject at all.
Distributing weight over a larger area, or among several people is not satanic. That's like saying two people carrying a heavy box are demon possessed.

Remote viewing is b*******?? As strange as it might sound, there are some pretty compelling documented cases of this mysterious, untapped human ability.

cite one documented case. don't tell me about any "documented cases" provided by major ed dames or any other remote viewer starter kit salesman. they have a conflict of interest.

Joseph McMoneagle: Participated in CIA run remote viewing projects in the 1970's called Scanate, Grillflame, Centerlane, Starburst, and Stargate. Has uncanny examples in drawings and descriptions of targeted remote viewing sites in his book "Mind Trek: Exploring Consciousness, Time, and Space Through Remote Viewing", Hampton Roads, 1993. Very compelling CASE.

Courtney Brown: Participated in CIA projects, later on, and wrote 2 books: Cosmic Vision &amp; Cosmic Voyage. Member of The Farsight Institute, which has a membership, program and website devoted to remote viewing. His examples not quite as compelling, or accurate as McMoneagle, but compelling none-the-less.