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Remote Viewing


starting a Remote-Viewing and Medical Intuitive project study - free
and fun


We're starting a Remote-Viewing and Medical Intuitive project study
this week that I thought some of you might enjoy. Tue and Thu we
have a Remote Viewing Target each week that we are practicing on and
scientifically documenting the results according to the Standford
Research Institute Study approach. Mon and Wed we have a Medical
Intuitive Subject each week that we are practicing on and
scientifically documenting the results according to the
International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy
Medicine. The class is totally free and we can even document
results for you if you can't come to class. Email
[email protected] for days/times/class-link/free Ezine.
There are some openings for volunteers wanting to be Subjects for
our Medical Intuitives. Namaste!


Remote viewing is a discipline that heightens your awareness of your
subtle senses & intuitions. It can be used for personal growth and
spiritual development. Remote viewing's potential for growth,
healing and exploration is huge. Remote viewing heightens your
awareness of your subtle senses and intuitions. It teaches you to
make very subtle distinctions between the real contact, your
imagination, and your intellectual overlays or interpretations.
Making these kind of subtle destinations help enhance the other
areas of your life.

Historically, remote viewing was developed at Stanford Research
Institute. Protocols have now been refined to allow trained remote
viewers consistent detailed accuracy. Remote viewing could be
considered a distant cousin to some other psychic disciplines, with
the main difference being the extremely high and consistent
accuracy. "Teams" of remote viewers can approach 100% accuracy! The
approach developed at Stanford enables you to accurately
experience, sense, feel, see, taste, smell , hear and describe,
detailed and accurate information on any event, person, being,
place, or object.


A medical intuitive can do a variety of things depending upon their
level of natural skill, practice and experience. Typically, a
medical intuitive will 'scan' a client's body (and being) -
intuitively. Another type of medical intuitive is the 'healing
intuitive'. A healing intuitive often lacks traditional medical
training. Nonetheless, they have the gift of 'knowing'. These people
are often found in the professions of bodywork, counseling and other
non-medical healing arts. A gifted medical or natural healing
intuitive can 'see' and pinpoint specific illnesses, imbalances,
weaknesses and preclinical disease states in the human body. They
can also 'read' the strengths and positives of the client's health
and wellness.

Medical Intuition is a complex blending of both modern science and
esoteric religion, both of which provide a vocabulary and conceptual
framework from which a medical intuitive works. These concepts help
the practitioner explain and clarify what is being seen, felt or
experienced on energetic levels. A solid understanding of the form
and function of the physical and energetic bodies is also critical
to this work. Without this framework, which quantifies what is being
experience, the information gathered by the medical intuitive would
make no sense to both layman and practitioner alike. There are
three ways a medical intuitive can access information:
clairvoyantly, clairasentiently, clairaudiently. Most medical
intuitives receive information utilizing all of these intuitive


Have a vision not clouded by fear.
--Cherokee Proverb