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Renaissance History: Miguel Vazquez

Dive into the life of Miguel Vazquez, a pivotal figure who brought the Renaissance to Spain. Discover his journey from Valencia to Florence, his influence on religious toleration, and the transformative impact of his ideologies on European history.


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Introduction This article constitutes a second pioneer Renaissance man of my invention. You can find a list of examples of pioneer Renaissance men (all of whom are invented by myself, with the exception of four Italians) in this article. The next Renaissance man I cover is Miguel Vazquez of Spain. Biography Miguel Vazquez was a Spanish scholar and contemporary of the Italian Luciano Marrone, and by 1375 and after, became a man of many talents. Miguel was born in Valencia on May 20, 1343. In 1368 he sailed across the Mediterranean Sea and settled in Florence where he met Marrone […] (read full article...)