Resulting Effects of the Titor Project/Experiment


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People into psychology, group dynamics, and social engineering might want to think about this:

The resulting effects of the John Titor phenomenon, whether he was real or whether he was a crank, are pretty much the same whether he was from the future or not. Any person or persons who wanted to try to pull off the Titor myth as a prank, or project, or an actual attempt at social engineering and influence would know this. And this is a form of power that they, the creators of this myth, would hold over anyone who chooses to swallow the bait, and believe JT hook, line and sinker.

As Joseph Campbell was fond of pointing out, //The Power Of Myth// is quite strong indeed! And then you look at the medium of the wild and woolly internet. It is a ripe "playground" for people to create myths, and control and manipulate the power that is associated with that myth.

In creating the Myth of John Titor, and manipulating its power, someone could well be performing an act intended to increase the probability of Titor's predictions of the future ACTUALLY becoming the future we create!

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