"The future ain't what it used to be."

ripp time from space



Does time really exsist? Or is it just a concept that human kind thought up? I believe this is not so. The way I heard of it, time is refered to as a disc. The infinte begining of time jetting out and around the whole structure. I also believe that this wraping line of time is made up of many( infinite ) infimals of time. Every one of these is one point of the universe being create over and over again until the present. This brings me to another point. I don't think time travel is possible because of my theory (at least I think It's mine) if someone travels to the past the rest of time would be destroyed unless the time travel is of the third person observing from a screen or something. Now in every one of these universal discs there is a center. And in this center of the universe is the strongest center of gravity in the entire universe, that is to hold the rest of the universe. The only thing as strong as something like that is time. Yes the dorsal of time holding the universe in place. If there's any way to open some sort of portal it's with gravity.

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