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It now has been more than four years since the Roswell Photo Interpretation Team (RPIT) began its systematic study of the photos of the Roswell "UFO" wreckage debris photographed 55 years ago in General Ramey's Office. As each leaf has been unfolded these discoveries have been posted on the web independently by RPIT researchers so the whole world can study them and respond. If there EVER has been a "Sunshine" research project RPIT has led the way! The first posting was one by Ron Regehr. Others by Neil and Ben and Marilyn and Andrew followed. Each researched a different slant on the photos. But all findings were promptly posted. No one has been paid for their many hours of expert labor and all were entirely unfettered to post their findings.

No one has charged that anyone connected with RPIT is anything other than serious.A major reason for our willingness to post the RPIT findings online is to invite rebuttal and suggested explanations. None of us on the RPIT wants to be Roswell dupes or accused of being blind. We have simply asked others to take a look and then opine some idea of what we are seeing. Do these symbols make ANY sense? Surely they were not a part of any planned US project to dupe the world. Not bearing those strange symbols and the strange material to be seen. And nothing seen in the Ramey office photos can be matched up precisely with anything to be found in a Rawin/Mogul train -- the most recent of the Air Force's several explanations as to the Roswell event. But there MUST be a final, rational answer!NOT ONE CRITIC has suggested seriously that there are any flaws in the RPIT findings or has any thing been overlooked.

Even Number One Roswell debunker Phil Klass quickly relies on humor when pushed for a reasonable explanation as to what is to be seen in the photos. And early on RPIT critics have been strangely silent in recent years. Have they all become converts to the RPIT conclusions? Hopefully during our 5th year there will begin to be unfolded some plausible explanations. We surely have thoroughly debunked the theories of some Roswell writers that the debris seen in the photos was quickly substituted by General Ramey to fool a single press photographer while the genuine stuff was being winged to Wright Field for further study. Surely there must be an explanation for the message held in General Ramey's hand that UFOlogists all agree mentions something about "victims of the wreck being taken to Fort Worth, Texas" as well as reference to "weather balloons" -- which some have concluded was giving General Ramey his "marching orders" by higher headquarters to issue his extraordinary hurried live personal radio broadcast that same night giving the "weather balloon" explanation.

Surely we have clearly established that this was an extraordinary day in the life of the US Air Corps -- a month later to become the USAF. And that there was indeed some extraordinary event that led GEN Ramey to willingly pose with the just unpacked debris spread out on the carpet in his plush office while wearing his class A complete military uniform withjacket and frame hat on a blazing un-airconditioned afternoon in Texas July heat. What is GEN Ramey seeing as his picture is being snapped? Why was it there at all? What happened to this debris shortly after the Star-Telegram reporter-photographer hurried away to process his pictures and send them to the world to witness this extraordinary event? Why has the Roswell debris been concealed FROM the world now for more than 55 years? There must be reasonable answers. Hopefully someone out there will be able to provide more clues. You are urged to come forward. And to spread this request across the Internet. Thanks to Col. James Bond Johnson, The Photographer

filers files #35

Editors Note: I do appreciate the tireless efforts of the aforementioned individuals, however, are we not trying to kill a flea with an atomic bomb? In my opinion, the evidence of the debris being switched is a foregone conclusion. A good rule to follow when attempting to gain information on an event, is to first go to eyewitness testimony, and in the Roswell case, there is much. Take just a few short minutes and read a
couple of paragraphs excerpted FROM my article:

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The Roswell UFO Crash (1)


.....When Marcel arrived back at the base, he was instructed by Colonel
Blanchard to LOAD the debris on a B-29, and fly with it to Wright Field in Ohio, stopping on the way at Carswell AAFB in Ft. Worth, Texas.

The military was hard at work at Roswell. Colonel Walter Haut was given an ORDER FROM Col. Blanchard to write a press release stating that the RAAF had in its possession a "crashed saucer." According to Haut, the saucer was transported to the 8th Air Force, to be turned over to General Ramey. Haut discharged his duty, and finished the press release he'd been ordered to write,
giving copies of the release to the two radio stations and both of the newspapers. The famous headlines hit the newspapers.


When Marcel arrived at Carswell, Brigadier General Roger Ramey,
Commander of the 8th Air Force took full charge of the case. The debris FROM Brazel's field was taken INTO Ramey's office, and photographed. The photographer was James Bond Johnson. Marcel was in one photo with the real debris. Ramey took Marcel INTO another office, and upon their return to Ramey's office, some new and different material was spread on the floor.
Marcel, under orders, stated that this debris was FROM a weather balloon. After more photos were taken, Ramey sent Marcel back to Roswell, along with a stern warning not to disclose anything he had seen at Carswell. It was then reported that General Ramey recognized the remains as part of a weather balloon. Brigadier General Thomas DuBose, the chief of staff of the Eighth Air Force, after many years of silence would state:

"<It> was a cover story. The whole balloon part of it. That was the part of the story we were told to give to the public and news and that was it."

There can be NO doubt that the orders to cover-up the saucer story came FROM our Chief Executive
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aka: Commander Zxavier