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Said Navy Transducer, resembleing said TT unit?


Please note this post and the following information:

There is a three quarter view of a unit that very much resembles the unit shown said to be the John Titor used C204 G.E. said time displacement unit, within U.S. Navy photo file, which can be retrieved and bought here, to Time Travel Institute.

This is a probable older 1960s unit, which shows to deck officers, in U.S. Navy browns, operating a portable ships to diver underwater transducer.

This underwater communications transducer, is expressly meant for communications from shipboard, to underwater divers.

This photo was shown and widely circulated as in divers training as well as marine and or technical electronics manuals.Said explaining how surface ships, communicate with underwater concerns, due to the acoustics differences in air held sound, verses underwater sound communications.

If is only a matter of time before this one photo is found.

These links are in yahoo showing more contemporary versions of same original said ship-board to underwater communications.





*Please note on the said Titor exposé, that there are matches with said U.S. Navy Diver's underwater communication, from ship to underwater working divers, as in photographic proof archival stores?

I do not know or realize that this may or may not be same said proposed C402 or other said models of Titor used vehicle?

*Other concerning, note below posting with this consideration only.

It has been said that the Titor exposé was a carefully planned ruse constructed by academia, in order to be invalidation into the prospective time travel areas of discussion.

This is why I feel that one of the MOPs from Anomalies.net had possibly warned of a potential charge of high treason, to another said member of Anomalies.net.

This warning was for any affiliation with any said sort of supposed construction.

This claim by this MOP, was in constrained lines, with the claims of a possible revolution to come.

Please note to all, that time travel discussion boards, may or may not have visitors, to these boards that are either real, fake or possible time travelers.

This is a Boolean state of algebraic circumstances, that is constantly on.

In any contact with any said time traveler, always make sure that you have at least triple verification, in order to for your own use only, verify that contact as being valid?

There are certain said legal consideration to said constition, if this construction was for the said purpose of political enactment against any hierarchy.

This is not a set to this reality response, however a set to any reality response?

See links below, but remember you venture into real time travel,potentials, is at times, according to your own risk?

All rights included below, property of Time Travel Hotel


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