Said parallel time plane, made pourposley to coexist:

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Since this is the said pro-government proposed meddeling area, of said time travel possabilites, I would like to post a advancment in time travel technology that has been brought to my attention.

Concerning the proposed constrution of false bubble realities, by any one said government agency.This was by a poster FROM the, as realied to me, via some chance online conversation.

What if the appearance of the said time travler John Titor, was a pro-contract, made in nature of some sector of the government, which would have constructed a mirror said reality?

Say they could have done this, through some form of physo-mental form of confirment imaging, which where by breaking all of the rules, so telling who he is and where he comes from, John Titor helped create a mirror reality, which was of artifical manufacture, to this now realize standard reality?

There does exist perril within the future and what better way to rescue a portion of the past, than to make a coppy of the past, within its best portion and then be able to move this reality to another time, place and existance, as one would have moved a moveable wall?

This is an intresting concept which is not all of my own, however in part barrowed FROM the logic as observed FROM the series once known as the Outter Limits.

This is where within the dead of night, an alien spaceship arives over this one small town.

A device held within the head of this ship, teleports the entire town away to another planet, where the population all start to catch a welt forming kind of skin malody.

When one of the town members gets fed up with the chain of events, and tried to drive out of the town, he finds along with his compaion, "that they arn't in central Kansas any more Dorthy"!?, however now newly based on another world.

I wonder, just wonder for posteritie's sake, why the personna of John Titor was so very loose lipped as well as being assoicative witnin the context of his said and now well known assoications?

Thank you creedo