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I am doing an alternative science project for my biology class, and i have chosen to do it on Time Travel. After having read some info. on the possibilites, i have become interested in the topic. I was wondering if any one had some information with it they'd like to share, keeping in mind that i am at the high school freshman level.

Thank you
Hi Adriana,

The Time Travel Research Center ( has some information on Eistein's theory of relativity and how it applies to time travel. Unfortunately, a good amount of this page is in French.

If you're brave enough, I recommend you check out this site ( at the Los Almos Research Facility. It's very technical, though, and I must admit that even I do not understand it.

Other useful links can be foudn at the TTI links page (<a href="[p>I"]

I</a> hope I helped a little bit,
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Thank you for the info., but im beginning to think im taking on a little to much for myself. I take biology, and im trying to do a report involving quantum physics! I do plan to continue reading up on it, but at my own pace, without a time limit, however, i might choose to go through with it.

Thanks Again
Actually, you are doing relativity. Quantum physics and relativity have yet to be fully encorporated aside from possibly the superstring theories which have not been experimentally verified due to the huge energy required to probe on such small scales as well as Hawking radiation. I would recommend since you are writing this report for biology that you try to stick to flat-space time, very few people are masters at physics in curved-space time. But with flat-space time, you would focus on special relativity. Perhaps you could do a calculation dealing with time dilation.

dt = dt_0/(1-v*v/c*c)^0.5

i.e. it could be possible to rocket people to fast rates of speed and essentially send them into the future. A minute to them could be years to us. This could have definite advantages to a terminally ill patient who wishes to find a possible cure in the future. Ultimately, finding and exploring time travel and biology may be difficult for a report.